Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mary Worth 199

Donna Amalfi's death finally brings Ron and Richie the sense of peace they never knew whilst she lived. And Mary Worth, who identified so strongly with Donna's drive to interfere in the lives of others, is so empathic that she literally knows the thoughts of a brain-dead Donna. Now Richard, not one to break a pattern, immediately turns to the Grand Matriarch of Meddling in search of the smothering-mothering on which he's grown dependent. We've truly come full circle.

So why do I feel such tremendous loss? Why does Richard seem at peace, while I am weighed down with internal emptiness? What is this grief that can't be slaked in a simple day or two of platitude-polluted panels? Where shall I turn? Where is my "Mary Worth" to bring comfort, like a warm tuna casserole, to this aching heart?


birdie said...

Mary's blood-red lips, which she seems to have tried to wipe on that library book, are strong evidence that she literally sucked the life out of Donna while the boys reconciled.

Of course she has been figuratively sucking the life out of everyone at Charterstone for years. She's just brought her art to a new level.

shandyowl said...

I think we are all glad that Donna Amalfi is finally dead. Now that her evil spirit has departed this earthly plane we can all know peace.

Amber said...

"I'm not sure whether she knew. I've been watching her last heart scan here on my tiny television set in my cubist living room to see if I can find the blip where she learned we'd reconciled."

Anonymous said...

Ron? Richard? RUN. Run like the wind and don't look back.

What we see as Mary is really just a mirage, a projection, manifested by an entity so cruel and soulless that merely gazing upon its true visage causes instant insanity.

Masked by the illusion of a kindly old woman, this beast feeds upon the emotional fragility of others.

Dark magic. Deep madness. And meddling.

Forever, meddling ...