Friday, May 30, 2008

Mary Worth 214

Wow. Mary Worth is definitely making herself available for Ron Amalfi. Her schedule is cleared!

Let this be a lesson to those who dare to dislike anything Mary might do or say. Even her most intimate friendships are instantly severed. Or, rather, excommunicated from Our Lady of Perpetual Interference. Sister Mary Mary does not approve of disapproval, especially from her Charterstone parishioners.

"Leave me here, Jeff, with my throw pillows and my paintings of lettuce. Who cares that we've been together 137 years. You suggest I take one day off from meddling? Puh-leez! I need to breathe."


spike said...

I eagerly await the day that Jeff runs into Mary and Ron at The Bum Boat. Imagine all the hand gestures and bold-faced type we'll see then as the fists and feathers fly!

drak said...

"Stop smothering me Jeff while I go smother Ron Amalfi with attention... or this pillow."

shandyowl said...

Ron Amlafi? By getting rid of Jeff and his allegies Mary is paving the way for the return of Chester!!!!

jvwalt said...

If I had endless amounts of time and nothing better to do, I'd go back through the last several years of "Mary Worth" and see if there's ever been a time when she advised someone to NOT talk through a problem, and instead simply back away. The Meddler won't take her own medicine, eh?