Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mary Worth 215

Oh, come on, kids. Can't you see you're meant for each other? Please tell me that Ron Amalfi is going to teach Mary Worth a lesson about appreciating the ones you love while you have them, and Mary, remembering how Jeff nearly died in Vietnam, is going to swallow her pride and "apologize." Oh, that'll be the day.

This is an awesome break up story. It seems like only yesterday when we had to stomach this image:


birdie said...

The way the panel is drawn makes it appear that Mary is having second thoughts about rudely throwing Dr. Jeff out.

Actually, she is just upset that she rubbed his Moy and Giella shirt and the logo came off on her hand, leaving nothing but a smear on his back.

Next time, don't buy a shirt made with cheap dye, Jeff.

I think he needs to go back to Southeast Asia until she appreciates him a little bit more.

And, by the way, Mary has shown no interest whatever in how his son is doing, has she? Is that because he's out of meddling range?

Lindsey said...

That panel of them sitting in the chair almost made me tear up!

Oh man, that's tear gas! I'm outta here! The cat's gone crazy!

Anonymous said...

Utterly confused by the ever-shifting geometry of Mary's home.

Not to get pedantic, but on May 26 the condo started to seem extra space warpy, with a black wall in the background somehow vaguely behind the couch area.

Next on May 28, the front door seems to be in the same wall as the window, but the pictures on the wall change by capricious whim.

Now we're on to the 29th, where the window is on the wall to the side of the door Mary is directing Jeff to leave through. We can assume it is the front door since she directs him to leave her home through it. The paintings of lettuce over the couch are now flowers, continuing their random reality-time line jumping.

Now, the 31st. The front door Mary pointed at is apparently no longer the front door, which has jumped into the wall that the window once occupied. A flower on a table under an oval mirror is on the left side of the door -- until Dr. Jeff opens it, that is, and the flower-table-mirror combo leaps across to the right side of the door. To make matters even more confusing, that whole area was occupied by a stereo system on the 27th!

Does Charterstone exist in a pocket dimension outside of our own, with its own set of physical laws? Is "meddling" the grand unifying force of the universe, granting its controller untold power over the configuration of matter and energy? Or does the artist haphazardly scrawl these panels on his caddy's shirt between holes on the golf course?

A double-dog dare to anyone who can draw a floor plan of Mary's apartment!

shandyowl said...

Anonymous: Read HP Lovecraft's Dreams in the Witch House and all will be made clear.

Mary is horrified that in the heat of their argument she forgot that Jeff is wealthy. "Oh Jeff! Where will I snag another man with your income?"

I am humbled by the realisation that the verification words often make more sense than what I am typing.

Mollie said...

You know, the funny thing is, until I read anonymous's comment, I assumed they were at Dr. Jeff's house... and the fact that Mary threw him out did nothing to challenge that assumption in my mind.