Friday, June 6, 2008

Mary Worth 221

Yesterday's cliffhanger: "Where will we eat?" Today's climax: "La Rosa." Whew! And so many of us were certain they were going to the Bum Boat. I totally didn't see this coming. I love when the plot takes a complete left turn like this. Whoa. It's what makes Mary Worth so exciting. And Mexican food is so much spicier than seafood, which also says something about Ron vs. Jeff.

Plus, Ron has been appointed to Santa Royale's Town Council making him spicey and powerful. Apparently, in Santa Royale they realize that the citezenry is too simple-minded to actually choose their officials through a democratic election. So the King of Santa Royale appoints them.

Exciting news: According to Archie News, our very own legendary comic artist Joe Giella has inked the cover of the upcoming "Archie's Pals & Gals Double Digest" #122. Look for it in specialty stores on June 11th, and on newsstands June 25th. This man just doesn't slow down!


Anonymous said...

Is that a tranny in the background? I love the stereotypical Mexican chain restaurant architecture. The city council, eh? How quickly will that become a major plot point? You know, on a totally side note, just because I feel like typing something not work-related: I love the Mary Worth comic strip format, just two panels today, you'll get more panels on the weekend, it reminds me of that great CBS soap opera Love of Life. After you took away the 5 minutes CBS newscast and all the ads, there was only 11 or 12 minutes of content and that show just flew by compared to the bloated one hour poorly written soap operas of today. I miss Love of Life (I'm 45), but I love Mary Worth and this blog. Keep on rockin'! Scott, Edwardsville, IL

Ethel Mertz said...

Rats! No Bum Boat! Didn't see that coming. But perhaps a visit to La Rosa will be a good thing. Maybe, upon entering, Mary will freak at the sight of Jeff playing footsie with some young hussy he's been seeing on the side at La Rosa for the past 400 years. Yeah! An all-out Mary Worth Throw-down! Lemons to lemonade!!

Anonymous said...

Mary's supposedly counseling Ron through the emotional trauma of his mother's death. Funny how there's, like, you know, no mention of his mother whatsoever. Just long walks and tasty meals with Mary.

Parlaying your mom's death into a pity date with her health care aide? Really slick there, Ron.