Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mary Worth 223

We've got a lot of ground to cover at La Rosa, so let's get started, shall we?

You can tell by the carefully prepared brown lumps of food and the fact that Father McIrish-Green-Jacket dines here with the head of the Women's Auxilary (albeit without a table), that La Rosa is nothing less than a Five Star (★★★★★) dining experience.

Gosh, Ron Amalfi is so committed to this mysterious, political-sounding thing called "downtown revitalization," that he's willing to trade a normal life for late nights at work, long hours on the phone, and boring business trips... Wait a minute. For most of us, that is normal life. Dining at five star restaurants with Mary Worth, however, would be anything but normal.

Finally, the opening panel demands a little attention.

If you're so intent, Ron, on making a change, then why don't you start by changing your expression?


jvwalt said...

What kind of a town is this, where a humble councilor has to work from dawn till late night, suffer an MSG overdose from bad Chinese food, and "travel for work"??? C'mon, Ron, you're not exactly becoming president of Microsoft here.

Methinks he's come up with a good excuse to disentangle himself from the Meddlesome One.

birdie said...

There is a reason why that priest in the background doesn't have a table. He is not having dinner, but hearing confessions.

In these hard economic times, the Catholic church, like everyone else has to do everything possible to save money.

Ellie said...

I'm terribly amused by Mary's encouragement. "You've made so much progress, Ron! Not enough to handle basic tasks like eating and sleeping, but I'll remind you of that. Why, if things go well, there could be potty-training in your future!" Then again, maybe Mary Worth finds this all charmingly youthful -- exactly what she wants in a politician. Ron Amalfi, the local JFK.

Anonymous said...

Could Mary Worth be like Angela Lansbury in Manchurian Candidate, trying to take control Santa Royale by controlling Ron?

spike said...

birdie/anon: LOL

wanders: Thanks for noting the third appearance of "Braveheart Ron". Guess I'm not the only one who notices these things!