Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mary Worth 225

No wonder Dr. Jeff Corey prefers living as a bachelor in his suburban man cabin: mix and match canisters; a giant island shoved against the counter; manly smoking jacket; and the simple pleasure of reading the obituaries over a bowl of cold cereal and a jug of moonshine.

EDITED TO ADD: Kudos to the San Diego Union-Tribune for sparing Mary Worth! They're getting ready to dump one of three comics, and Mary Worth isn't one of them. You can send them an email at comics@uniontrib.com to congratulate them on their advanced sense of humor! Be sure to mention Mary Worth and Me.


Mollie said...

Don't forget his entire bowl of grapefruits!

birdie said...

What a sad picture! Look at poor Jeff's empty calendar on the wall. It's so empty he doesn't even have the days marked. That calendar would be enough to depress anyone.

Paul Arrand Rodgers said...

And all the Bran a man can eat!

Lindsey said...

That's a calendar? I thought it was the air conditioner panel, or a burglar alarm.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the artist read my previous queries about the physics-defying nature of Mary Worth interiors, and decided to give me the finger?

Because come on! Just look at that MC Escher-esque kitchen! I mean, how in the !@#$ would you draw that kitchen's floor plan? Why are the architects in this strip so mean to everybody?!

Come on, people, this is driving me up the frikkin' wall here! Which may not even be a vertical wall! You just. Don't. Know!

*carried off to loony bin for eval*

spike said...

Mollie: Those aren't grapefruit. Those are some of the floating doughnuts Drew brought from the diner when he last met Vera.

Jeff, Jeff, Jeff! Silly boy! Thinking that Mary will allow vous to meddle in her life?!? Get a life, Dude.

BTW, I approve of the Escheresque surroundings!