Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mary Worth 228

Well, I just spent two exhausting days with some incredible teen-agers who worked their tails off doing volunteer service. Did you like the Old Time Mary Worth blogs I scheduled while I was away? It kind of made me appreciate Joe Giella and Karen Moy even more, who are producing another story of misunderstanding and jealousy (some things never change) only without the cleavage (some things do). I didn't think I would want to recap what I missed, but I have to comment on one thing that was hysterical: Mary Worth's mood channeling Mexican talavera sun.

First, the talavera sun is all, "Talk to the hand, Mary," and then it's grabbing onto Jeff's ear and encouraging his romantic rage, whispering, "You go, Jeff. You aren't wrong; Mary was totally school-girl giddy when Ron called and took her out after she scorned you." I always thought those talavera suns had mystical powers, but this one is fun and wacky.

Now on to Sunday's recap...

"Yes, Jeff, the whole story! Sit down and I'll tell it to you!" Awesome. It really is going to be a Sunday recap! I love it when the plot doesn't advance for weeks.

"Retraction: The News recently referred to Ron Amalfi's election to Town Council. No election occurred. Councilman Amalfi was appointed to the city's Town Council by someone. The News humbly apologizes and thanks the elderly Zombie Woman who visited our offices and clearly pointed out our shameful mistake before eating our features editor."

No need to apologize, Jeff; the whole world is laughing at you. And we mustn't have that, mustn't we. It's wonderful that you've been able to jettison any feelings you ever had for Mary Worth with the realization that it's what people think about you that really matters. And people think you're an idiot and a fool for having hung out with this neglectful, self-righteous meddler for so long. Still, we're rooting for you Jeff. Now get back to your fund-raising; you're going to have plenty of time for it.


jvwalt said...

It wasn't so much the photo or the story that got Dr. Jeff all upset. It was the sub-head "Local Doctor Cuckolded: Shame!"

shandyowl said...

Do Mary and Jeff not realise that it is the malign influence of the mischevious sun demon that is the cause of this quarrel?

I say quarrel but it could as easily be a tiff or a spat. Is there some kind of Beaufort Scale that ranks these in order?

spike said...

jvwalt: You are sooooo right! Run, Jeff, run! Don't let Toby catch you with Mary! You'll be the laughing stock of Charterstone!