Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mary Worth Love Stories #3, Part 2

So, are you dying to find out how Mary Worth plotted to save the relationship of two strangers no matter whose life she destroys in the process?

Dalton Westlake needs a new agent.

Duchess Chichi immediately dumps school principal Hal Winston and hooks up with the actor, believing he's a wealthy older gentleman. To Mary Worth, Chichi is a trashy gold digger and deserves to get stuck with an out-of-work actor. And Dalton Westlake is a lazy man of the stage who deserves a phony duchess. Same old Mary Worth. She's been rather consistent over the last 60 years, I'd say. However, a few days later Mary's heart starts to soften, and she almost warns Westlake that the duchess ain't all she appears to be.

Well, he asked for it! Heaven forbid Mary should ever try to help someone avoid trouble.

So, Hal and Sue Carrol reconcile (Hal writes a silly love note and has a student hand it in with a writing exam).

If an image is too small, you can click it for the larger scan.

But what of our evil duchess and charlatan actor?

I have to admit, I actually found the story more entertaining than the modern version. It was just as improbable, but there seemed to be a little more wise-cracking. And how about our Mary Worth screwing up the lives of those two no-goods? Just wait until they con her out of her late-husband's pension fund!


birdie said...

Did the story really move that much faster back then? Or you ocndensing a year's worth of strips?

If the story line moved faster, I wouldn't feel the need to analyze background details like the paintings in Mary's apartment. Which, by the way, mysteriously switch back and forth between shrubbery and urban scenes.

wanders said...

They actually moved much slower, I think. Remember that Mary appeared only once in the first 11 pages of the comic strip, and the picture only showed the back of her head. I also think they edited down the comic to get to the juicy parts with the kissing. The complete story was about 32 pages, with about 5 days worth of strips, thus the story took five to six months to tell at least... a regular Drew and Vera epic.