Friday, June 13, 2008

Mary Worth Love Stories #3, Part 1

What? You didn't think I'd leave you, dear reader, high and dry, did you?

I may be out of circuit for a few days, but I have scheduled a couple of posts in my absence and hope you'll enjoy them.

On eBay, I found a copy of Mary Worth Love Stories #3, a 1950 comic book that I assume is a collection of Mary Worth strips from the forties, put together as a complete story. The title scared me to death - who wants to see Mary Worth getting her jiggy on 1940's style. Fortunately, the romance revolved around two much younger and prettier characters. It included lots of kissing and even some cleavage! Mary only appeared on about four pages of the entire comic book.

Let me give you a taste!

Mary Worth is staying at the home of the wealthy Darcy family in a small town called Willowbrook. The husband has business dealings with a French widow named Countess Chichi de Chambery-Fraise (ooh la-la). The local school principal Hal Winston, who is secretly engaged to teacher Sue Carrol, is hired to translate French during Chichi's business meeting. Chichi makes the moves on Hal, and it turns out that she's not even really French. She's from Kansas and just married a French count (now dead) for his money (now gone). So when she finds out that Hal has $3,000 saved for his wedding, she plots to marry Hal so she can pay her hotel bill. Local gossip breaks Sue's heart. Naturally, the queen of meddling takes an interest. Read about it below, if you're interested (click for the larger scan):

Mary, who isn't nearly as talkative in 1950 as she is now, hatches a plan:

What is her plan? You'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out! But, dear reader, I have to say, it is the most diabolical and evil scheme I have ever seen Mary Worth carry off. She's able to destroy two lives, including one innocent by-stander. Woot woot!

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