Friday, June 20, 2008

Mary Worth 232

You know what I'm wondering about? Why hasn't Ron Amalfi called to apologize or at least discuss with Mary Worth the photo in the paper? I guess he has taken a page out of the current administration's book (Does President Bush own books?) that says, "Never read the papers. Let your Yes Men tell you what's going on."

Obama in 2008. Donate to his campaign today! He won't leave you hanging like Ron Amalfi.


Anonymous said...

It's all fun and games till someone looses an eye! Commercials are one thing, looking at the record is another (what little record there is)With the choice we have this go around I say NoBama, heck..NoBody! Yea! all our problems will be solved with wonderful all purpose socialism!

shandyowl said...

What[insert interrobang] No FREE Secret Message? This is a sure sign that we really are firmly in the grip of a recession.

Ron hasn't called to apologise because he has served his purpose by driving the wedge between Mary and Jeff. There never was any Ron Amalfi. Like Rich and Donna they were merely creations of Tobey, playing their part in an elaborate Matchstick Men scheme to unseat Mary from her Royal Throne of Advice.

All of them badly drawn actors playing out a poorly-written script.

And in a sense, isn't that what life is all about?

Elections are tricky aren't they? Choose A to vote for a corrupt, self-serving crook or B to vote for a swindling adulterous drug addict

TenKeysGuy said...

shandyowl: Maybe that's why Ron Amalfi was appointed rather than elected. Perhaps we should do away with democracy altogether. Thank you Santa Royale for showing the way.

Anonymous said...

Sly Ron will be back soon. His own self opinion has skyrocketed with the appearance of the photo... like all politicians he'll believe what he thinks is positive press about himself, and will persure dear Mary with a vengance. Flowers, candy, a drive around Santa Royale in a city automobile. "She will be mine! Oh yes...she will be mine!"

spike said...

wanders: shandyowl's right! I get no "secret message either. Harrrr-rummmmmpppphhhh!!!

shandyowl: I'm not voting for one of the "Keating Five", that's for sure!

Question: Was our Mary shedding a tear in yesterday's episode? Hard to tell for me.

Anonymous said...

If this wasn't the most misogynist country outside of the Middle East, we could have a Worth/Worth ticket. That's right, she's so sure she's perfect she's running as her own vice president.

First act upon taking office: creating Office of Meddling Affairs, giving it God-like powers and devoting entire budget to its operations.

Anonymous: Do you even know what they do in socialism? Taxpayers spend their tax money on themselves for education and health care to strengthen their peoples, instead of giving it all to the rich (and keeping themselves sick and dumb) like our perfect system! Yea! All our problems will be solved by giving our money to the rich with all purpose fascism!

Obama has as much experience as Abraham Lincoln, another one-term congressman from Illinois. Lincoln turned out so terrible they put his face on the five and the side of a freakin' mountain, that rotten failure!

Shandyowl: Why choose between A and B when there's yellow-toothed "(C) All of the above" McCain? Look at his record (God knows that chalky translucent face of his doesn't need any more lookin' at), you'll see what I'm talking about. Very sad, the damage McCain has done both in his personal life and to our country...very sad that anyone would vote for him.

Anonymous said...

anon for Obama,
There it is-- the old call someone you disagree with a facist! Yiipee!! Why did you stop there why not follow through with the ignorant use of nazi too?
The republic that was started, based on the current misinterpreted and maligned constitution is what we should seek to return to not failed "Mama and Daddy" government that will take care of it all. The good government is so big and strong they can do everything better than any "we the people" can. Maybe you enjoy Mary Worth style government meddling into your every day affairs to protect you from bad rich people and anyone who doesn't drink your brand of kool-aid.

Ethel Mertz said...

Watch out, anon! Ron is taking down everything you say!

Anonymous said...

yIKES! OOh Kay. Your right Ethel, I'll pipe down. Ron's goon squad will be in after me and haul me off to Santa Royale, next thing you know I'll be sittn' pool side wearin' high pants double knit generic polo shirts buttoned to the top, drinkin' from a glass with an umbrella and crushin' on sweet Mary.

Continental Op said...

I have to say that I believe this is hardly the place for telling each other why we will or won't vote for so and so and why the other party is or isn't any good.

This is primarily not the place for any of that because of the fear of Mary Worth, which is the beginning of meddling. "Real life" politics pale in comparison to the questions that haunt us daily. Where is Chinbeard? Is Toby merely emulating Mary, or is she more like Anne Baxter's Eve in "All About Eve"? What are Ron Amalfi's true intentions toward Mary? And was Mary responsible for Ron's election/appointment to the town council?

Why would I care about silly elections when there's such drama on my comics page?

Nathan said...

Obama? Bleah... I'd vote for Mary Worth over him...and not just because of the mind-control devices she's had implanted in my brain. I make my own choices...seriously.

And did I mention that I think Mary Worth is the kindest, bravest, most wonderful human being I've ever known?