Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mary Worth 231

It seems that after Jeff eventually discovered the way out of Mary's labyrinthine apartment (at least, we assume he found his way out. We never got to see him actually exit; for all we know he is still meandering through doors that go nowhere and climbing stairs that end at the ceiling, like the Winchester Mystery House, which was a big deal when I was a kid growing up in what would eventually be called Silicon Valley: "Keep building! Keep building!" Ah, intermission at the Moffett Field Drive In. But I digress) somehow Jeff gave Mary the impression that he'd come crawling back. Mary, guess what. You can't break up with Jeff; he just broke up with you. The best you can hope for is to control the life of a powerful politician recently appointed to Town Council.

To our anonymous winner of Not-A-Real-Contest 3, your musical selection has been approved by the Condo Board and added to the Charterstone jukebox on the right. Thanks for bringing a little humor to this house of heartbreak.


shandyowl said...

The pacing of this plotline has been very frustrating. After having to endure nearly a week of Jeff repeating the same dialogue we don't even get to see him storming out and slamming the door behind him, only to emerge sheepishly from the broom cupboard (or "closet" if you prefer).

However, this is a mere bagatelle compared to the daring of Tobey making her power play and stepping up to the plate in a bold attempt to meddle in Mary's life!

This is the perfect time to attempt a coup: Mary is reeling from the shock of Jeff dumping her before she split with him and also distracted by her budding romance with Ron.

The one thing that is nagging me is that Tobey is certainly not clever enough to be acting alone; anybody who marries a buffoon like Ian Cameron is not the full shilling.

Who is the sinister puppet master seeking to knock Mary off her meddle-perch? She has destroyed so many lives over the decades that her enemy list must be longer than Nixon's. In fact she has been the grand dame of destruction for so long that it may even be the offspring of a victim seeking vengeance.

shandyowl said...

Wait a minute! I now realise the ominous implication of Mary referring to Jeff in the past tense: the first panel of tomorrow's strip will be Mary placing the rose on a shallow, freshly dug grave in the Charterstone flowerbed.

spike said...

Hoo, boy! Mary's telling her version of the tale first to Tobey, so Dr. Jeff's version will never be credible among the Charetstone set. Heu!

Anonymous said...

"As for publicly humiliating a prominent and once-proud physician, well, that I TOTALLY signed up for."