Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Not-A-Real-Contest 3 Winner!

Thanks to everyone who participated in yesterday's Not-A-Real-Contest contest. I enjoyed reading what everyone in Santa Royale is thinking when they look at the picture of Ron and Mary in the newspaper. Lots of great entries. The Condo Board was able to narrow it down to two entries and then I determined the final results.

First Runner Up: Carol, for her poignant "Oh, look, there's a sale at Walgreen's."

And our grand prize winner is the Anonymous writer who captured verbatim the succinct single thought of the entire city of Santa Royale: "Oh look, Mary Worth is obviously cheating on her boyfriend, Dr. Jeff Corey. I feel so sorry for that foolish cuckold, Dr. Jeff Corey. Dr. Jeff Corey must be a real fool. That poor stupid Dr. Jeff Corey. Poor Dr. Jeff Corey. She made a fool of Dr. Jeff Corey, alright. What a dope that Dr. Jeff Corey is! I bet Dr. Jeff Corey feels stupid. I should call all my friends and tell them how Mary Worth made Dr. Jeff Corey look foolish. Poor foolish Dr. Jeff Corey! My, my, my. Dr. Jeff Corey. Dr. Jeff Corey. Dr. Jeff Corey."

Congratulations Carol and Anonymous. You each win the opportunity to suggest a song for the Charterstone Jukebox (in the right column of this blog). Since all songs must be approved by the Condo Board, I encourage you to listen to the jukebox to get a sense of what they like. You can email your suggestions to

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