Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mary Worth 234

I agree with Toby completely. That is unfortunate! I would have paid money to watch Mary Worth go all Sean Penn on some hapless photographer for the Santa Royale News.

This is a funny rose garden. I assume it is a public garden, either on the Charterstone compound proper or nearby. Either way, Mary feels perfectly at ease walking around with her pruning shears snipping roses and then discarding them wherever she pleases. Oh, I get it. Another profound metaphor for how Mary Worth treats everyone.


Anonymous said...

Mary and Jeff have a history of war? Did they skulk through the jungles of Nicaragua hunting Cuban operatives? Or from their age, can we assume something circa the Civil War...

shandyowl said...

Yes - we are all Mary's roses to be nourished or mercilessly pruned back, depending on her whimsy.

Tobey continues to play her risky game, actually daring to criticise Mary. Is she taking advantage of the emotional turmoil (until Mary audits Ron's accounts she doesn't know if he is wealthier than Jeff) or has she been assigned the role of the slave who rides with a general on his triumph, holding his laurel wreath but whispering reminders of his human fallibility?