Monday, June 23, 2008

Mary Worth 235

I never want to see Mary Worth showing this much skin again. Ever.

Fortunately, Jeff is now crawling back as we all new he would. Unless of course, Mary has simply added that last bit on the outgoing message of her answering machine to bring her comfort in her loneliness.


spike said...

wanders: I was about to suggest that you add a track from Reel Big Fish's Cheer Up! CD to the Charterstone jukebox. (I know, the Charterstoneits are probably not partial to Ska, but Sayonara Senorita is an instrumental, and quite apprpriate to the Mary/Jeff siuation--although several other tracks from that CD might be appropriate here as well.)

So, anyway, I'm all set to make the suggestion, and who calls Mary??? Jeff, how stupid are you?!?! Run, man! Don't call that hussy! Where's your pride?!?

shandyowl said...

Mary looks positively aghast that Jeff is calling to apologise. "Oh, Jeff! It's too late, I've already put out a contract on you!"

Maybe we will all get lucky and the hitman will snuff out Drew Corey instead of Jeff. "Hey! You said kill Dr Corey and I killed Dr Corey? What's the problem? Fuggedaboutit! A pizza is a pizza!"

Lindsey said...

Hopefully Jeff says something like, "I'm sorry about what I said yesterday... what I meant to say was, 'SCREW YOU YOU COLD HEARTED WITCH! No wait, that came out wrong... If Satan and Hitler got together and had a baby, you would be that baby. Hmmm, not quite... how about let's just be friends.'"

emmerdalian said...

The way she is sitting in the first panel is weird. I didn't realize Mary was so nimble.