Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mary Worth 236

I would scream, "Run, Jeff. Run," but really, where would he go? He's crawling back to Mary Worth determined, in his doctorly way, to fix things, even if it means sacrificing his chances at a normal happy life. On the other hand, Mary has some great legs at 67. So, maybe he knows what he's doing. I don't think it is worth it, but who am I to judge?


jvwalt said...

I really hope that this storyline is leading to Mary getting her comeuppance -- with her finally realizing that if "Mary Worth" were advising Mary Worth, she'd tell her to accept Jeff's apology and not be such a stuck-up little jerk.

shandyowl said...

Look at her nasty face! Jeff is swallowing his pride, apologising and admitting he is wrong but Mary looks as though she has been sucking lemons.

Perhaps Jeff is not grovelling enough?

Whoa! Did Mary's dress just get even shorter? "Oh Mary! See how the moonlight glitters on your varicose veins!"

spike said...

"It doesn't matter what people think of that photo in the paper."

Uh, Jeff, I believe on 6/17/08 you said, "It does matter, Mary!...It matters to me!"

Jeff sooooooo longs to be a cuckold. How can one man be so darn stupid?!?

Anonymous said...

Apropos of nothing, I think Mary would make a great adversary for Batman. Meddle me this!

*chant* Cross OVER! Cross OVER! Cross OVER!

Nathan said...

So Jeff has come crawling back to Mary after all...how (cough, cough) surprising. But Mary is not so easily appeased!

Apparently, it's not enough that he admit he was wrong, or that he perform the long-range equivalent of groveling at her feet...no, Jeff is going to have to SUFFER before Mary will accept him back. And we're not talking mere public humilation here; we're talking actual, physical *pain*. No punishment is too extravagent for the man who dared to challenge Mary Worth's All-Powerful Urge to Help Others: nothing!

God help the poor man...he just doesn't know who he's dealing with, does he?

Anonymous said...

Wait for it.... wait for it... it will come, you'll see...hold....hold...