Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mary Worth 259

My family returned from our camping trip last night, and I couldn't wait to get caught up on this week's Mary Worth. But I was also thrilled to receive "Eats Shoots and Leaves" selection for the Charterstone Jukebox: "See the USA in Your Chevrolet."

If you want to know what my camping trip was like with my family, this video captures it almost precisely. Except we were in a Honda Odyssey.

We camped at Deep Creek Lake in Maryland, and visited several nearby state parks, including Swallow Falls and Blackwater Falls in West Virginia. If you ever have the chance to visit the lodge at Blackwater Falls, do! They recently celebrated its 50th anniversary and I'm pleased to announce that the lodge is permanently stuck in 1957, which has to appeal to any true Mary Worth fan. While the scenery and hiking trails were spectacular, I constantly felt like I was vacationing in some sort of 1957 travel reel. This "Virtual Tour" of the lodge will give you some idea. Have fun exploring the many fine amenities.

But on to Mary Worth:

I have to admit that I was more than a little satisfied with the story's direction this week. All seemed to be just fine until this morning when Jeff turned passive aggressive. Waiting until he's completely satiated himself on seafood scampi, he stabs Mary in the back by bringing up her recent behavior. I almost expect Mary to toss her water onto Jeff's really cool shirt.

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Anonymous said...

Not only should Mary throw her glassful of pale blue wine on his shirt, she should also throw him into the rose bush. And then take the rest of the blue wine, the still-full bowl of orange fluff, and the overflow plate of two pieces of orange debris, and perhaps a pint of Ben & Jerry's, dig in, and sit on the couch waiting for the answering machine to pick up.

maconmemad said...

Jeff's dangerously near a face full of light blue liquid with such a comment. He should not be so impudent!