Friday, August 8, 2008

Mary Worth 278

Internet safety quiz:

What should Toby do?

A) Click the link and enter her credit card number, Social Security number, or other personal information.

B) By-pass the link, and go directly to to see if there is a problem with the account.

C) Read this.

Let me hasten to warn all my readers. If you receive an email that requires you to click a link to re-enter personal information, or re-authorize an account, or update your credit card, do not click the link. I get them from senders claiming to be PayPal sometimes. By holding your cursor over the link without clicking, you can sometimes see that the link will take you to someplace other than the trusted site. If the URL is something like, it is not a PayPal site; rather, it belongs to

The best thing to do is just go to the trusted site directly, the way you normally would. If there is a problem with your account, the company will notify you there. But divorcing your husband and getting a life is a good second option.

Belive me, you don't want to be the victim of identity theft, or this could happen to you.

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shandyowl said...

Don't do it Toby! The consequences will be disasterous: in addition to reinforcing vacuous blonde trophy wife stereotypes you will also be giving your pompous blowhard of a husband the perfect excuse to let forth a venomous flurry of barbed comments for the remainder of your union, unless you wisely choose to reconsider it.

Much as I would like to see Ian Cameron reduced to poverty (though I would prefer to see him savagely beaten) I cannot bear the thought of him constantly throwing this mistake back in Toby's face every two minutes.

maconmemad said...

Wanders! This truley is a "Full Service" Blog. Entertainment, education,and enlightenment all lovingly prepared in time for morning coffee!WOW!
Toby-she is an idiot. Oh rats, Now I feel bad for calling her that! OK the cancel key then back away from the computer. Your life is a living nightmare. We all make choices, some choices are just smarter than others.

Miss Emish said...

I find myself chanting in intense anticipation, "phishing! phishing! phishING!" First Chinbeard will chastise Toby for a credit-maxing spending spree and then chastise her for compromising their financial security online. In about two years we'll get to see some really riveting comics with Toby on the phone with her credit card company going over the charges.

Anonymous said...

Plot wish list:

1) ID stealers purchase a six pack of Miller High Life and one metric ton of smut
2) Ian discovers purchases before Toby does
3) Resultant apoplectic seizures land Ian in ER, Toby at his side issuing passionate denials all the way.
4) Mary arrives, shaking her head at Toby sadly.
5) Sweet, sweet meddlin'

spike said...

wanders: Kudos for a terrific PSA to your readers.

shandyowl: I think the demographic fow MW will sympathize with the "vacuous blonde trophy wife", given the fact that the average reader of MW is 70 [which probably rises to 83, if you take out all us underage whipper-snappers]. Heck, if this could happen to a younger person...

miss emish: You're an optimist, if you think
this story line will be over in only two years! :-)

Although I do not look forward to the lugubriously glacial pace at which this storyline will unfold [unless Toby's credit card company calls her immediately on Tuesday when the card's activity goes thruoght he roof], I think Moy is doing her readers a big favor by warning them of the dangers of the internet.

I look forward to Mary's pithy remarks at the end of the story arc.