Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mary Worth 280

Internet secrets are never good for a marriage. You can't fix the problem until you know what the problem is. That's why Mary Worth and Me recommends PC Tattletale. It's easy to install and could just save your relationship. PC Tattletale secretly records everything your spouse does on the computer. Believe me, you aren't going to like it. But it is for the best.

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Mollie said...

There's so much to love about this strip. I love that Toby narrates her (in)actions to herself. I love that she always completes a transaction by clicking a key on her keyboard and thinking/saying, "...and SEND!" I'm going to start doing that. I love that she doesn't seem to have or use a mouse. And most of all, I love how she casually notes that Ian "has been hinting" about his upcoming birthday. How old is Ian? 55? 60? That seems more than a little inappropriate, and yet totally in character. And speaking of Ian... He returns at last! I can't wait till tomorrow.

(...and SEND!)

LibraryMichaelIndy said...

Is anybody else bothered that the location of the hearts on Toby's shirt seems to move?

Gold-Digging Nanny said...

librarymichaellindy -- No, that's what makes the shirt so chic!

Same with her home decor. It wouldn't be nearly as fascinating if the pictures in front of her when she faced the computer on Aug. 4 hadn't revolved to the wall to her left today. Saves so much time redecorating!

pandagrandma said...

Yeah, and that toaster she had on her desk on Aug. 4 is gone! Maybe Joe Giella just wants to see if we really are paying attention!

Anonymous said...

I think it's some sort of secret program testing our ability to cognitively process the overall meaning of a strip when the individual parts make no sense spatially.

Or the artist simply couldn't be bothered to work out a simple floor plan and stick with it.

You know, the choice is yours.

And I, too, love the Toby-narrates-her-own-life thing. Because if she doesn't constantly remind herself what she's doing she's liable to seize up and sit there vacantly until prodded into action by some external force/beard.

Or until she starves to death.

and ... SEND!

Nathan said...

"Believe me, you aren't going to like it. But it is for the best."

Which also perfectly describes Mary's attitude towards her oft-fatal interventions...

"Yes, Aldo, I'm going to drive you to drink and indirectly cause your death. Believe me, you aren't going to like it. But it is for the best."