Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mary Worth 285

Yesterday, I posted some strips from 1998, when John Saunders was still alive, before Karen Moy took over the writing of Mary Worth. Today's strip really points out Ms. Moy's superior skills as a writer. Under Saunders' hand, Ian was all, "What the blazes? I haven't the faintest clue!" and, "Bloody thing is almost human." Today, Ian speaks more like a soap opera comic character ought, "You mentioned it being a hard to find item." Thank heaven she's replaced vulgar expressions that gave insight into Ian's character, with prim and passive sentence construction to teach the many children who read this strip how to speak like true Americans.

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Anonymous said...

The writing has definitely gotten more boring over the years. At this rate whoever replaces Moy should be writing the dialog in binary code.

Ethel Mertz said...

I'm hoping that when the ID theft/life-savings drainage is revealed, Ian will not only revert to his mouthy, menacing, true identity of yore, but flip out in ways I don't want to imagine. Look out, Toby! Of course, I have to wait several weeks, and possibly months, for that to I guess Toby's safe for many more strips. Oh, thank God!!!!

shandyowl said...

I also appreciate Ian's concern over the cost, thus perpetuating the myth of the miselry Scot.

shandyowl said...

Oh no! Cheap fake ZAF! gear with the the ZAF! on the front instead of the back.