Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mary Worth 286

Such sweet mercy that we didn't have to spend the entire week listening to Ian go on and on about his collector's edition of Scotland narrated by Sean Finnery. Of course, Toby's been babbling about it since July 30th.

Sadly, Toby and Ian's credit card is issued by Fred's Bank. Not only won't they alert you about any suspicious activities (such as $14,000 in international cash withdrawals in just over a week), but you don't even get frequent flier rewards for fraudulent charges. Their bills sure come fast though.

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caroline said...

That's bizarre, those two panels you published did not appear in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. I'm also glad we missed a week of Ian going on about it (but I'm sure we'll get a month of him going on about the "phantom" charges ...)

Tina said...

Oh my, todays strip is seriously a royal mess. I try SO hard to ignore all the factors that make zero sense, but I just can't do it today.

Why are there speakers on the mailboxes?

Since when are you ever billed for something bought on an ebay-like site?

How will Chinbeard, Ph.D NOT find out about Toby's spending? Does she have a secret account?


And then there's her shirt. And the disturbing bookend.

Anonymous said...

Me: Fuzzy slippers, robe, cup of coffee
Charterstone: Listing to the right more dangerously than the Titanic
Toby's mail: Apparently emitting harmful sparks when opened
Joe Giella: DWI (doodling while intoxicated).

This strip does need a warning label. May cause drowsiness,headaches, dizzy spells, general confusion, non-specific sense of ennui, lecture-induced shame spirals ...

Amber said...

"Besides, it's not like we can't afford it...ever since I started making my own shirts out of Post-it notes. Hmmmm...would this bill make a good skirt?"

wanders said...

Amber: Spot on about the Post-its, but I was going to let Tina explore that fashion statement. Have you visited Mary Worth, Style Mavin yet? I think it is right up your alley.

manz said...

I know that Ian is not the most handsome man in the world, but it really amuses me that he is drawn in person considerably more good looking than in Toby's thought balloon. It's as if she still thinks of her husband from the good old days before he lost the extra 40 pounds and trimmed his beard.

Amber said...

wanders, I love MW,SM. It now has a place of honor on Google Reader. Thank you for directing us all to this gem. Come on, Tina! Do your stuff!

Ethel Mertz said...

Toby, drink in that visage of a smiling, happy Ian and try to burn it into your brain. Soon, very soon, in the wake of your ID theft,(4-6 weeks, at least) his face will crumble away (like that guy in "Poltergiest") into something even more horrific than it was when he weighed 450 lbs., and had nothing but ill will for his Charterstone neighbors. Yikes!