Friday, August 22, 2008

Mary Worth 291

As a public service, I have not reprinted panel one from today's strip as it is highly disturbing. You may view the strip in its entirety by clicking the "full strip" link below. Public reaction will no doubt be strong since it is such an upsetting image. I feel the need, once again, to request that comments on this blog remain rated PG or milder, only because my initial reaction upon viewing Ian's line of sight and his waistline (if you can call it a waist), was to call the FCC and complain about decency standards in the media.

Rather, today I wish to focus on panel two and the hope we've been given that no one will mention Scotland again for at least a week!

One must wonder if Ian is traveling to Chicago in his swimsuit since this is the second time his wife has said she'd see him when he gets back. Apparently, this is their good-bye scene. At least he won't get held up at the metal detector, unless of course he gets stuck in it.

Today's Full Strip. If you dare.


maconmemad said...

OMG! I thought Ian had shaped up some. YIKES!! I agree Wanders, Toby’s repetitive good-byes are as if she is trying to get him to go ahead and get in the cab to the airport in his swim trunks and towel.

shandyowl said...

It's never boring with Ian around - dreadfully unpleasant, yes, but never a dull moment as his sneering snarkiness provokes anger and violence in others.

I would love to think that they really are going to go to Scotland (my money is on Ian being from the capital, Eden-bo-ro), however I fear that they will discover that credit card fraud has robbed them of the opportunity to do so.

As Wanders observes, Ian has already been the victim of repeated thefts as his nipples, waistline and moustache have already vanished...not to mention his manners, sense of decency and basic generosity of spirit.

The Enthusiast said...

Has Ian's head always been that tiny?

shandyowl said...

Good point, the enthusiast, but is Ian's head really tiny or is it simply his torso bulk that makes it seem so by comparison?

In fact, is he genuinely portly or merely inflated with self-importance and hot air?

Or does he feel threatened and is puffing himself up to look bigger as a defence mechanism?

viscosity said...

I'm looking forward to the month long storyline featuring Ian and Toebee deciding what to order on the flight to Scotland.
day 1 :Ian "I'll have the chicken"
day 2 :Toebee"that sounds good - I'll have the same"
day 3 : Stewardess "I'm sorry we're all out of chicken - you can have the beef or a vegetarian pasta"
day 4 : All "isn't it nice they cater to other tastes on these long flights - like Ian is different from me but we're so happy together"
day 5 : I can't wait until we see the rolling glens of Scotland - it's been so long since w e watched that marvellous video you bought narrated by Sean Finnery

JLH said...

Ack, you are so right! I was shocked! I think Moy and Giella are reading this and other blogs and playing to our worst expectations. Horrible beyond imagination!!

Everett Volk said...

Actually, I think Toby is kind of like Slim Goodbody minus the Slim and the Good. That might explain why we don't see either nipples or bellybutton on that ponderous torso. Likewise, the lack of visible organs (a la Slim Goodbody) provides further proof that Prof. Chinbeard really is nothing but hot air.

Anonymous said...

Curse you and your PG ratings!!!

Arrrgh! So ... many ... wasted ... punchlines..!

The Moy, the Giella, they're begging for it! We're being taunted, I tell you! Taunted!

Is Toby ... is she handing Ian a diaper?

djangosmom said...

In reference to maconmemad's comment about Ian shaping up. I thought the same thing when I saw him in his trunks. It occured to me that these panels are reruns from an older strip because I thought that Toby looked different also. I mean how hard could it be to change the words in the dialogue balloons? I thought that the characters today looked more like they did in the 1990's panels that Wander's showed us last week. whatever. just a thought.