Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mary Worth 290

So, while Toby is upstairs figuring out how to pay for the collector's edition of Scotland, Ian is down at the pool inviting strangers to attend the teachers conference in Chicago? One gets the impression, however, that the women of Charterstone are used to Professor Cameron's overtures. Perhaps this is his standard greeting when poolside, as common as "Good afternoon, buttercup."

And did Ian say Chicago? Next week? I totally recommend the Amalfi Hotel!

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shandyowl said...

Egads, this is even more disturbing than Mary wearing her short shorts. Not only does Ian actually appear to be naked but it also seems that his idea of going to the pool does not even involve swimming. Instead he prefers to expose himself while ogling the swimmers. Clearly he likes to have his cake and eat it.

Zinevra daGenoa said...

Is it just me, or does Ian have distressingly feminine hands in this shot?

escaperabbit said...

I find it strange that Toby made such a big deal about buying a DVD and a few items like lunch on her credit card -- I mean, just how much was the special Sean Finnery Collector's Edition? Yet, Ian is planning an expensive sounding trip to Scotland like money is a non-issue. Maybe airline fuel surcharges don't exist in Santa Royale or Toby is on a much tighter budget?

Anonymous said...

Toby obviously has to pay for Ian's gifts out of the $200 household allowance that Ian gives her every month.


Eats Shoots And Leaves said...

I retract my statement of a few days ago when I said Ian looked like a sea captain.
He looks more like a white whale.


Brian Doan said...

I was pretty sure the woman WAS Toby, since she mentions Scotland (unless Ian is sharing his Finnery love with ALL the women of Charterstone (:).

randy said...

"Cannonball boy" is falling straight down in the middle of the pool. Where did he jump from, a plane?

Anonymous said...

Cannonball boy falls from the air in panel 1, and then in panel two is frolicing in a completely differnt location. Two possible theories:

1.) Cannon ball boy is actually sucked *up* into space in frame 1, and his clone is standing behind Toby in frame 2. This would explain the lack of a splash, and the fact that his hair is miraculously dry after cannonballing into a -presumably wet - pool.
2.) The pool does not contain water, but some water-like substitute that does not splash or make your hair wet. This is why Toby is the only woman under the age of 80 to wear a swimcap. She does not want to have to spend another evening painfully scraping water-substitute out of her hair, while her obese husband drones on about Chicago.
3.) There is a 20 minute pause between frame 1 and frame 2, giving time for the boy's hair to dry. This is the most sensible explanation, as it also explains why Toby and Ian feel the need to constantly repeat information which they have just shared with each other seemingly moments ago.