Monday, September 8, 2008

Mary Worth 308

Yesterday, Caroline pointed out that the the pattern on the Camerons' drapes at home had suddenly disappeared, but now we know where they went - they're so co-dependent on Ian's pomposity that they've followed him to Chicago courtesy of the Dharma Initiative.

Today's Full Strip

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Tina said...

I have so many burning questions about today's strip.

Does Ian have a crush on this lady professor?

Shouldn't he be attending lectures on something more in-depth than just plain "pedagogy", or is that a succinct way of telling Toby what he does without having to explain confusing academic ideas?

And many more.

pandagrandma said...

"Toby, dear, I've met a woman I can finally have an intelligent conversation with!"

maconmemad said...

"Oh no Ian is sure to leave me once he hears what a meat head I've been! My only hope is this brainiac he has met is a real troll."

shandyowl said...

I have to be tactful in order to remain Family Friendly but I do notice that Ian is calling from "a" hotel room in Chicago rather than specifically "his" hotel room...

Is this a case of "I'll call my wife now so that she doesn't interrupt us"?

Or perhaps in an unexpected burst of good taste, Ian has broken into an empty room in order to abandon his hideous jacket in the wardrobe?

"That's great Ian. Speaking of learned minds, I got taken for $18 grand."

I shudder to think what an "excellent" "meeting of learned minds" is like. Anything that Ian views favourably immediately fills me with suspicion. I hope that the convention hall is soundproofed to prevent the surrounding blocks from being deafened by the collective disdain.

pandagrandma bravissimo!

"Red" Merriweather Coast said...

"Linguistics and pedagogy" is not really a good topic for a seminar. Too broad. Ian is an idiot. What's his subject again?

Toots McGee said...

I think Ian has his doctorate in blovation from the Windbag Institute.

spike said...

toots mcgee: Zing!

Lindsey said...

Yeah, as a linguistics major, if I was invited to a seminar and asked what the subject was and the answer was, "Linguistics!!!!" I think I'd pass =P. I mean, even a seminar on "morphology" or "syntax" would be too broad.

Drak said...

This may be off topic, but I just want to say that I really, really love the Charterstone Jukebox. I often just let it play in the background at work. It just gives me the chuckles every time.

Caroline said...

Now that's funny. Good to know that bad taste in curtains knows no geographical boundaries!

I think I owned a jacket like Ian's in 1985. Which was probably the last time that shade of electric blue was fashionable. On women. Never on men. Unless you're a member of Abba. And 100 lbs lighter!

I also read the lecture as being on "Linguistics and Pedantism" before I woke up and read it properly.

I do hope Mary's not out buying curtains.