Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mary Worth 314

Aha! Let the detective work commence forthwith and posthaste. Nothing will be more thrilling than watching Mary Worth, Toby Cameron and Terry Bryson review paperwork for several months while they solve a mystery that we already know the answer to. Fortunately, the story will be interspersed with Ian raging on and on about online safety while he excoriates and emotionally abuses Toby, rendering her incapable of ever using a computer again. So that will jazz things up.

There's that word again. I wonder how you spell it?

Any guesses how Toby puts the pieces together?

Today's Full Strip.


Tina said...

I'm pretty much dying to hear Ian's reaction now - such suspense!

Although Santa Royale time moves at approximately 1 day per our 3 weeks, this is still too fast for Toby's brain to compute anything as a normal person would. I realized today that she's said pretty much the same thing for the last so many days:

9/9 - "Will he think less of me because I unknowingly let this whole mess happen?"
9/10 - "I couldn't tell him, Mary...I'll tell him when he returns!"
9/11 - "But how am I going to tell Ian when he returns?"
9/12 - "Ian's going to think I'm stupid for letting someone steal my identity and then use my money!"
9/14 - "And I can't imagine Ian's reaction when I tell him!"

It makes one wonder what he said upon their marriage - "Toby, dear, I'll tolerate your moderate intelligence, but one slip up, and you're in my stupid book."

Wanders said...

Great analysis, tina.

caroline said...

"Security Expert" Ms. Bryson will first check Toby's email inbox and the irgent phishing email will STILL be there ... or she'll check Toby's browser cache and find the site she entered all her personal details into.

Cleveland's Plain Dealer has a habit of omitting the first two panels of the Sunday cartoon, which means on reading the paper I went straight from Toby talking to Terri on the phone to reviewing paperwork with Mary with nary a suggestion of a transition. I have to check the Washington Post online to see the full Sunday strip.

Wanders I agree, watching them take a month to solve a mystery we already know the answer too will be excruciating, so I hope your prediction of Ian rampaging comes true!

pandagrandma said...

So is that Mary's paperwork on the table that it has taken her weeks to do? What do you think it is??? Maybe flyers announcing the next pool party?

Bum Boat BusBoy said...

I'm glad to see Mary's salmon clothing have changed for a more fall-themed color. After all, Meddlin' Mare is one of the few white women who can pull off wearing orange...