Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mary Worth 329

Toby may be more aware of her financial dealings, but she's failed to notice that she's wandered into Santa Royale's Forbidden Jungle of Fear. Mary senses their danger and has gotten The Chills. However, they have wandered so deep, it is unlikely they will ever find their way out. Especially after they are devoured by the Ferocious Blunt Tail Jungle Squirrel preparing to pounce.


Kaari said...

Hi - I was afraid that this was going to be Marmaduke and me this morning! Thanks for sticking with Mary.

maconmemad said...

Ohjoy! I can see it now.... countless weeks of idle chit chat between Ian and Toby after Ian returns. Questions about how was the weather, anything important in the mail etc. as Toby avoids telling Ian about her stupidity. They will pass through fall, winter and be back pool side by he time chin beard hits the roof over Toby's internet shenanigans!

shandyowl said...

And wary you should be, Toby. We all know what these hard-drinking fiery-tempered Scots are like, by ZAF!

Are we going to segue from the perils of internet fraud into chilling domestic abuse?

It continues to irk me that the major issues are still being avoided - we have learned nothing more of how Mary handled her paperwork and whether or not Toby re-tiled the kitchen floor. Additionally, has anybody ever seen Toby do any art. Ever? Is it enough to call oneself an artist? Surely one must produce some sort of art in order to support such claims?

pandagrandma said...

The squirrel is excited at the sight of Toby. He knows a NUT when he sees one!

Eats Shoots And Leaves said...

I can't wait for Mary Hyprocrite to start smearing on the advice, 'cause it oughta' be good!

"Respect your partner, Toby.

Don't betray your partner's trust, Toby.

Don't be "not-dating" a city counselman and rubbing your partner's nose in...oh,wait."

Anonymous said...

Wanders... please put down the nail gun and the Marmaduke strip!

Your readers are concerned. I can't imagine what it like waking up every morning confronted with this storyline day after day. But your readers are here for you... just remember the lesson we've all learned from Mary... you can get by with a little help from your friends... your nosy, friends who cross all personal boundaries to intervene in the minutae of your life until you are a quivering melodramatic shell of your former self.

Well.. erm... still, keep the faith, man!

Anonymous said...

Is that blue field in the background, the edge of the alternate-reality bubble that encapsulates Charterstone, and protects it from the normal flow of time and space? Have we discovered the Truman Show-esque boundary between the people of Charterstone and the real world?

boojum said...

All the trees are black,
And the sky is gray (And the sky is gray);
I went for a walk (I went for a walk)
On a winter's day (on a winter's day...)

mrs. carlos alorra said...

Seriously, I think I've seen that same squirrel in the same pose & everything in the strip. Comics Curmudgeon may have seen it. The artist may be cutting and pasting work, just as everyday Ms. Moy seems to be cutting and pasting the dialogue!

Carol said...

Tobey's life is her art.