Thursday, October 2, 2008

Love Matters

My favorite radio program? Delilah, of course. I'm sure she's on a radio station near you, and you can find out by visiting Whenever I'm out with my family, we tune in and the kids just laugh and laugh at the callers, who phone in with some sort of story about how their boyfriend broke up with them eleven months ago, but they love him so much and they're hopeful they can still work it out. And then Delilah tells them to get over it and thank God for their blessings and then plays an Air Supply song for them. I tell my kids to shut up and not laugh because she's a do-gooder fixing everybody's problems and the world needs more do-gooders. Sounds like a familiar old meddler we all know and love, doesn't it?

If you visit, be sure to click the "Sounds to Hear" link that has a whole bunch of recordings of Delilah's callers sharing their hearts and souls.


boojum said...

wanders (about the secret message):

I don't know. She's got the robotic good looks. But she seems to be confusing the Two Modes of Toby. The hand at the throat could, with time and work, be made into a Histrionic Gesture. But we rarely see that paired with the Look of Soul-less Abstraction (also known as "Oooh! Shiny!!").

Crossing these two streams of self-expression, at the level of power Toby brings to each of them, could cause some sort of apocalypse. I, for one, fear for my soul.

boojum said...

I forgot to mention that yesterday's strip is a master class in the Two Modes of Toby. In the first panel, Toby channels the divine Sarah Bernhardt. in the second panel, she's a wall cling.

Both perfect in their own ways, but kept carefully separate. Delilah has much to learn.

Anonymous said...

Is there something like the Neilsen ratings for comic strips? If not, how can they tell if anyone is actually reading Mary Worth? I think that it is distinctly possible that her only readers are the dozen or so posters to this blog. I, for one, have notified my newspaper that I am canceling my subscription and will not renew until they drop Mary Worth. The thought of Karen Moy being compensated for writing this trash is enough to make me retch. If the rest of you have any self respect left, please join me in a grass roots effort to have Mary Worth, Karen Moy and Joe Giella relegated to the trash heap of comic strip history.

Anonymous said...

Oh look! Comic strip ratings and guess who's at the bottom of the list.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that will redeem Karen Moy is if Ian is arrested for stealing Toby's identity.

Miss Emish said...

THAT'S what Delilah looks like? Holy moly she should have a television show with that striking visage. Serious here. She is an imposing and and grand presence in that one simple headshot. She is not one of those "face for radio" personalities. Come to think of it, why DOESN'T have a tv show?
(this comment proudly brought to you by ignoring Mary Worth.)

boojum said...


But... but... Mary Worth is the greatest comic of all time! Wanders said so!

To quote Miss Manners, "You, sir, are an anarchist, and you frighten me."

birdie said...

Anonymous, trust me, you'll learn to love Mary Worth. You just have to learn how to read the strip.

Stick with us here and we'll show you how to get more out of it than you ever got out of Marmaduke, or even Family Circus. Think I've set the bar too high?

Sometimes Mary Worth is the only thing I read in the paper.

Anonymous said...

Marmaduke? Family Circus? They're Rembrants compared to Mary.

Anonymous said...

Birdie....Now you're scaring me. I'm to learn how to read Mary Worth? Sounds to me like "The Emperor's New Clothes" syndrome. If I ever find substance in Mary Worth, at least as long as Moy is writing, I expect that it will be time for me to be fitted with a drool cup.

Anonymous said...

First, I want to make one thing perfectly clear: I am not the "anonymous" who has been on here today making unpleasant remarks about the greatest comic in the papers (the last six weeks excepted). Also, I'm actually at home right now, but felt I still needed to post as anonymous to make my point.

Anyway, as to today's strip, I'm just wondering what's up with Toby's man-hand in panel 2? For an artist who's so delicate and sensitive as she is, Toby certainly has got a mitt at the end of her left arm. Perhaps she developed that while retiling the bathroom?


pandagrandma said...

Oh, the drama!

Are we sure Toby wasn't a silent screen actress in a former life?

An Entirely Different Anonymous said...

"The thought of Karen Moy being compensated for writing this trash is enough to make me retch."

It's just a dry spell. Give it two to three and a half years and we're bound to have something marginally exciting almost happen.

The strip must be read with tongue planted firmly in cheek if one is to derive any degree of entertainment from it.

Yes the writing is horrible, but the game then becomes 'How horrible can it get?' Once you look at it from that perspective, where terrible writing is the goal, then you're never disappointed in Mary Worth!

Anonymous said...

Entirely diff anonymous..

The problem is that I do not believe that Moy has her tongue planted firmly in cheek and that her goal is not to write poorly. I honestly believe that she thinks that she's good. In the world of comic strip authorship, she's kind of like the worst of American Idol in that some of those people actually believe that they have talent. What annoys me most is that she has betrayed the legacy that is the Mary Worth comic strip. Am I the only one that can remember the talent of the former writers? I do expect more and I am disappointed. We can poke fun at the strip all we want but as long as Moy is writing it, I do not believe it is going improve.

AARRRRGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!! Am I really engaged in a serious discussion about Mary Worth????? That's it. It's back to the bottle for me.

Birdie said...

Anonymous, I used to think that way too. I couldn't believe the strip was so bad, so I knew there must be a secret code or something that I was missing.

With a little internet searching, I found this and a few other sites to help me see the story behind the story, and now I'm hooked.

You've come to the right place. Stick with us and we'll help you see the light.

(I've just had an interesting thought. Maybe "anonymous" is really Karen Moy, and she's just saying it's bad so we'll compliment her on her delightful and lively comic strip. Let's give the poor girl some encouragement, shall we?)

bats :[ said...

Delilah makes me nuts. However, I'll be more capable of listening to her whenever I happen to trip over her on the radio, imagining her as a younger but still meddlesome Mary Worth.


Anonymous said...

This is yesterday's strip, no? Has Wanders finally been broken?