Friday, October 10, 2008

Mary Worth 337

Considering how they never have had anything remotely resembling a real conversation, I'm not sure that's very reassuring.

But, given the profound depth of their true love ways, I've added a Buddy Holly tune to the Charterstone Jukebox. Awesome.

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Anonymous said...

Other applicable love cliches that may be used in future strips:

1) A face only a mother could love.
2)How do I love thee?
3)If you love something set it free...please.
4)Love conquers all, even Identity Theft.
5)Love is a many splendored thing.
6)You only hurt the one you love.
7)For the love of God (As related to Karen Moy's writing)
8)Misery loves company (As related to the posters to this blog)

Anonymous said...

Ian's timely comment about vigilance and money is waaaaaay too creepy for me.

Mary, Quite Contrary said...

Is it safe to assume that this plot line is FINALLY drawing to a close, or do we get to listen to Ian's reassurances for another week and a half?

Also, Toby's expression in the last panel reminds me of a a Heaven's Gate member right before strapping on those Nikes.

spike said...

So then Ian said, "Come to me, My Little Chickadee!"

This story arc will never end.

Maude Findlay said...

I get such a creepy ''father and daughter' vibe from Toby and Ian. Nothing against May-December romances, but at least make it within the same generation!

pandagrandma said...

Since when is Ian so drippy sweet?

Is that possibly the Shadow of Evil lurking behind him?

Anonymous said...

So what mistakes have you made, Ian? I don't seem to recall you ever mentioning any of them. Hypocrite.

Lindsey said...

For a second I read Ian's line as, "If I told you about all the mistakes I've made, we'd never speak!" I like my way better :(

birdie said...

Does Toby look like a zombie in the second panel or what?!

boojum said...

pandagrandma -- I agree with you: Chinbeard is really laying it on thick, isn't he? "Of course I respect you! I love you! Nothing can ever change that! What concerns you, concerns me! You're just the bestest little-girl-wifey thing ever!

Creep city.

Then it hit me: Of course! It's all sarcasm! Toby's pathetic relief and joy (Toby lives in a permanently Irony-Free Zone) is just his sadistic way of making the inevitable smack-down more vicious and hurtful. His sarcasm is so intense it's actually escaping from his body, forming the hell-black shadow you've noticed creeping slooowwwly toward us. But it can't be long now; already his veneer of gentle reasonableness is starting to crack. Just look at him in the second panel -- have you ever seen a more demonic look on a human face?

And wanders! -- I noticed you haven't linked to the full strip for a couple of days. Clearly the evil thugs hired by King Features Syndicate are closing in, and you're lying low for the moment. Corragio! We're with you, you brave little soldier! Just, uh, don't mention my name, okay?

Wanders said...

Boojum, thanks for pointing out my mistake.

I think they're playing Patty-Cake in panel two, which is indicative of their relationship.

djangosmom said...

Ian is being so nice to Toby about her misfortune. It is really creeping me out! Maybe it's because he has done something even stupider that he has yet to admit to Toby. My husband, thinks it has something to do with the 'smart chick' he met in Chicago. If this storyline doesn't end soon, Toby will be Christmas shopping at Enormoushop.

Anonymous said...

I think Ian is disassembling his dimwitted Wifebot 6000(TM) in panel 2, starting with her hands.

He's just talking nicely to her so she won't resist.

Then he can replace her with the newer, virus-protected Wife-a-nator III (TM) that he picked up at his Stepford Industries 'conference' in Chicago. Don't forget to charge her batteries for 24 hours before first use, Ian! *wink*

boojum said...

Saturday --

wanders?... Dude?..... Are you there?

Dagnab it. I warned him about those King Features thugs.

Why do you think they call it The Syndicate?