Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mary Worth 338

Well, I guess we can look forward to the next three weeks of Toby repeating everything Terry said.

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birdie said...

I don't know. It looks like Ian's already bored with it. He's telling her "Later", hoping that means never.

He doesn't really care about her and her identity fraud since he just secretly wiped out her account so he can run off with his professor friend.

Or maybe he was the one hacking into her account in the first place. That could make this storyline interesting.

boojum said...


"That could make this storyline interesting."

No. No it couldn't.

birdie said...

If he did it because he wanted to take her money and leave her and the strip permanently, it could. :)

Anonymous said...

Panel 2 "You are never to old to learn Ian, or too smart."

Toby apparently thinks that smart people are normally discriminated against due to their learning disabilities... but she is having none of it. Kudoes Toby! And fortunately for you, you are not too smart, so you should have and even *easier* time learning. So its hooray all around! Yea us!