Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mary Worth 339

You know, I don't care how sickening Ian and Toby's private conversations are. Today I wept for joy when I learned that they already had "followed up with all the the actions they tell you to do." (I'm not sure the linguistics and pedagogy lecturer approves of that sentence.)

I'm especially grateful that this story covered the "tell you" part, but skipped any "actions" part. It isn't easy, especially in a medium that uses pictures (like comics, or movies, or television) to eliminate all action from a story and just talk about the action instead. But, remarkably, "They" managed.

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Anonymous said...

I need a new paper shredder too. Can someone please tell me how the power shredders compare to the manual ones?

Anonymous said...

OMG, now they're crossing bridges, climbing mountains, swimming seas and "investing" in a piece of office equipment. The only excuse that I will accept from Moy is that she writes through a drunken stupor.

pandagrandma said...

As the Valley Girls used to say, "Gag me with a spoon!" This exchange between Toby and Ian truly is nauseating.

OK, after all these encores, are we done with this story NOW???

caroline said...

I wish I was reading this through a drunken stupor...

djangosmom said...

My only comment is Geez! I think I am going to hurl!

Anonymous said...

The picture on the wall behind Ian ... what in the world is that?

Is it two chunky Japanese women squatting next to each other? What is it?

p.s The most interesting thing about this strip is staring at the stuff in the background. Hm.

p.p.s. Did the same sixth grader who colors this strip also design the packaging for the paper shredder?

Anonymous said...

Wait a darned minute! Santa Royale has an "Office Station" branch at their local "shopping plaza"? It must be next to the "Home Station" where Toby was going to buy her tiling products.

And before we close this story, who actually ripped off Tobys credit card number? The gas atation attendant, the waiter while ringing up her meal of salad and stew? Mary herself, while going through her mail stolen from the Cameron's mailbox, er, her paperwork? Or was it Chesters owner?

Anonymous said...

Next week, Toby and Ian:
- climb every mountain
- ford every stream
- follow every rainbow
Outcome: they find their dreams.

Sadly... they have been dreaming exlusively of new shredders.

Mollie said...

This strip should end with a swell of music: "Raise your hopeful voice, you have a choice, you've made it now!"

Anonymous said...

How about the reappearance of Toby's manhands? Can you believe the mitt she's caressing her neck with? Oh, wait, is that supposed to be Chinbeard's hand? What's wrong with his index finger (Pointer)? What is up with the drawing here? Why am I so obsessed with the perspective issues in this strip? Why can I only write questions today? WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT?