Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mary Worth 346

You know who else is sorry to hear that? Jeff Corey.

Oh, sure, Jeff will have no problem with this suggestion. He had a cow when Mary appeared in the paper with a two-bit town councilman. Why would he have a problem when Mary appears on NBC Sports with a celebrity coach at Lake Tranquil, one of the most romantic spots on earth?

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caroline said...

Wow, looks like my prediction of Frank and Lynn coming to Santa Royale for some previously unheard of tournament was off. Mary will be traveling out of state!

During this conversation with Frank, Mary's drapes have changed, and the scarf around her neck has developed a pattern. You know, I always thought that people who drew cartoons re-used the same backgrounds (like animated cartoons). Guess I was wrong about that too!!

Yoinks said...

All the cloth in Santa Royale is made of Mood Fabric(TM) and is subject to the capricious subconscious whims of their owners. Mary's current mood? "Kicky".

Also, that's as close as I've ever seen to a Mary Worth mugshot. The shadow, Mary -- the guilt-ridden shadow of temptation!

And, from the whole strip, my favorite dialog exchange:

"I'm sorry your wife is dead."
"Don't be!"

Anonymous said...

"Don't be!" I love it, I love it, I love it. After the dreary Identity Theft ordeal it looks as if we're about to have some fun.

terrie said...

WHAT will Jeff think???
Of course, that Mary Worth will NOT be thinking of that.....she is such a hussy at heart....

Drak said...

What kind of creep is this Frank guy? Isn't inviting a single woman to come visit you 3,000 miles away a bit bold?

Anonymous said...

Inspired by the coloring job in today's strip, to the tune of
"Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds", and apropos of literally nothing.

Picture yourself in a town, in a condo,
with tangerine chairs and marmalade drapes.

Somebody nags you, you answer "Get off me!"
A biddy with Frigidaire japes.

Mary's in her condo, she's med-dl-ing,
Mary's in her condo, she's med-dl-ing,
Mary's in her condo, she's med-dl-ing,
Ahhhh ... craaaap ...

Follow her down to a bridge by a fountain,
You're mesmerized now, there's no turning back.
The pool party smiles, they know you've been taken,
A spine of your own's what you lack

Chin-bearded blowhards with wives who are robots,
Waiting to take you away
Climb in a car that is driven by Aldo ...
And you're gone.


Picture yourself on the board of a condo
For you there is now no escape.
Stuck in the web of a meddling spinster,
A biddy with Frigidaire japes.


Anonymous said...

Mary, careful, the shadow behind you is....NOSFERATU!!!