Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mary Worth 353

Once again, Santa Royale International Airport fails to keep Jeff Corey, M.D., from getting to the gate without a boarding pass. And I think it was sweet of Delta Airlines to give Mary Worth the best first class seat on the plane so that she can wave good-bye to Jeff. But that's Delta for you! They'll even drive the plane up to the terminal window just for last good-byes.

That lady with the black hair? The most unfortunate airline passenger of all time. If she turns her head at all forward, it's over. The meddling will begin.

Okay, I get it. The clouds look like waves. But, really, how does Mary come up with this kind of wisdom? It seems to be some kind of quote, from some wise, wise person, but really I think she's quoting herself. Only Mary could notice that waves ebb and flow, like progress. Except, of course, when they're ebbing. Which would be more like the opposite of progress.

For those of you who need a little more Mary Worth on a lazy Sunday morning, I thought I'd share this fantastic article from a 1957 issue of Time Magazine.

Once you've read the article, you'll enjoy these Lil Abner cartoons even more (click them to enlarge them). And if anyone can find copies of the Mary Worth retaliation comics, please let me know!

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Mollie said...

Well, this explains Mary's apparent non sequitur about airport security being a hassle. I should have guessed she meant that Jeff would have to buy a ticket and accompany her through security just so he could watch her get on the plane.

When Mary is alone with her thoughts, those thoughts turn out to be surprisingly lame. "I am sitting on a plane. I am going to see my friend. My name is Mary. I will be back soon." Maybe she's beginning to lose her memory, and she's developed this constant interior where-am-I-now monologue to try to compensate? Is dementia Mary's tragic secret?

jvwalt said...

The dark-haired passenger either knows who Mary Worth is (her fame as a meddler precedes her), or she overheard Mary meddling with the flight crew on her way in. So the passenger has turned her head as far away from Mary as she possibly can, and will keep it in that position throughout the flight. She may suffer a lifetime of chronic neck pain as a result, but her life will be safe from the plague of Mary's advice.

Charlie said...


Regarding the woman with black hair: Actually a federal air marshall, placed there to protect everyone else from Mary Worth. She's on a meddling watch list after a series of incidents during her Vietnam travels.

Anonymous said...

I taught my son to golf and he surpassed the teacher....progress akin to the mysterious patterns of the drip of a faucet. I totally get it Mary. Although it could be more evidence of Moy's drunken stupor. I really think it's time for an intervention.

Anonymous said...

Time is inverted in the Worthiverse. A simple conversation about phishing takes three months, but Ian's conference took just one afternoon and Mary ghosted her way through airport security in zero seconds flat. Following the logic, continents in Mary's world must 'drift' at about 90 mph while sneezes are measured in epochs.

Those Mary Worm's are classic. You mean we're not the first to lampoon the merry meddler? I'm shocked!

Amber said...

Wanders, you are wonderful. This post has made me so, so happy - please, somebody find Mary Worth's response!

Carol said...

I have discovered where Giela gets his fashion ideas. You too can dress like Mary!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to think that Mary is flying Malta Airlines, the finest carrier in the Mediterranean. That is, after Italy, Israel, Spain, Morocco, Sardinia and Crete.