Monday, October 27, 2008

Mary Worth 354

"Old Friend" is what I call someone when I can't remember their name. It's a little social trick I've been using since the ninth grade. "Hello, old friend, it's so good to see you once more." "I admire your turtleneck, old friend." "What is your Donkey Kong high score, old friend?" It really works well, and helps avoid any social awkwardness.

However, in Mary's case I get the strong impression that this is simply code for, "We're keeping this strictly platonic, buster." We should hear Frank referred to as "old friend" at least twenty times. Today was the fifth time so far.


Anonymous said...

Office furniture as patio furniture. Stay classy, Lake Tranquil!


Anonymous said...

"Don't come in and freshen up from your long trip....Hurry up, we gotta go NOW!" I am sure there is a very good reason why Frank is rushing Mary. Maybe he doesn't want her to see the dishes in the sink. Or, better yet, maybe there's another woman in the house from the night before. It all seems very suspicious to me.

johnny said...

I guess Mary chose not to stay at the Motel 6 in Lake Tranquil, but to mooch a bed at her "old friends" house.

caroline said...

I'm just amazed it didn't take three weeks on the plane (like it did when Mary and Jeff came back from Vietnam). To go from the plane leaving to arriving at Frank's house in two days is dizzying!