Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mary Worth 362

Thanks everyone for your good wishes. My old friend Frank Griffin came to see me and I've always respected him. But he was mad! He was yelling, "Wanders! Keep it tight! Point your toes and get your lazy butt off of that recliner!" It was really motivating. So here I am.

I've been sleeping on our family room recliner for over a week. It has been the only way that I can sleep without excruciating pain. Today, however, I felt a lot better. Still very limited mobility, and I still hurt, but at least I can sit down at the computer for a little while and catch up on Mary Worth and read all your encouraging comments. Thanks everyone for sharing this embarrassing Mary Worth obsession with me.

But just a note - I've started a new job that is highly demanding. So I anticipate going back to the "Not Every Day" schedule that I used to have here at Mary Worth and Me. And many of my posts will probably be later in the day. I hope you don't mind.

And let me just say, starting a new job with a herniated disk and constant pain is a little bit of a challenge. But I really believe the worst is over.

Thanks for listening to me whine!

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Amber said...

Good luck with your back and your new job - we're rooting for you! I'll miss the dailies, but considering MW's pace, I think we'll probably do okay.

Charlie said...


Good luck on the new job! Mary will be sending you a tuna casserole to celebrate I'm sure!

Anonymous said...

Best wishes on your new job. Let's have a pool party at Charterstone to celebrate! (No bathing suits, please.)

shandyowl said...

I feel certain that your new employers will be hugely impressed that you went on sick leave the instant they hired you.

Frank Griffin is a modern-day King Canute, demonstrating his own limitations through his futile attempts to order back the Waves of Inteference.

Anonymous said...

Would emotionally attacking Wanders make him go back to daily postings? Or would I just be faced with a meddling Mary Worth?

BaHa said...

Good luck, Wanders. Don't forget us when you're all high and mighty, or we'll send She Who Must Meddle after you.
Odd thing about the people in the arena: All the skating events I've been to, whether competitive or exhibition, are rife with screaming tweens. The people I'm seeing here looks more like those one would see at a hockey game. (Can you tell I love all ice sports?)

Ellen said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery, a flying start at your new job, and enough time to keep snarking on Mary. As a figure skater (and skating fan) myself, I've been hooting a lot over the current storyline and its inane rendering of the skating world. I hope it goes on . . . and on . . . and on.

maconmemad said...

Good luck on all fronts. Remember:Failure is not an option!