Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mary Worth 363

Grabbing Mary by the arm, Frank yanks her outside... and out of earshot of Lynn's rival. Now he's safe to discuss his secret strategy with his old friend: Fill Lynn's young soul with enough resentment and rage that her form tightens up and she wins her next ice skating game out of pure spite.

Now, to all of you who have wished me a quick recovery, I've picked a new jukebox song out for you.

Today's Full Strip.


Anonymous said...

Let's go for a walk down by the river, Mary....I want to do....I mean, say something to you in private.

Anonymous said...

Darn, Wanders. I just read your secret message and you're a step ahead of me again. Or is it that great minds think alike. Yeah, that's the ticket.

BaHa said...

My first thought when I saw "under the ice" was Lynn doing triple lutzes (or how she's going, flutzes) on Mary's cold, staring face.

Git T' Meddlin', Womin! said...

I can't believe Mary's let him live so long. She must have something truly wicked in store for him. Turn his daughter against him, perhaps, with a meddling tale of independence and self-determination that draws her away from the ice and crushes her control-freak father's soul? A boy can hope.

At least this is more interesting than that credit report storyline. If only because this one has, you know, people moving and stuff.