Friday, November 28, 2008

Mary Worth 378

Why indeed! Is it:

A. When Lynn's ex-boyfriend broke up with her, she placed a voodoo curse on his photo and swore she'd keep it trapped in her jacket pocket forever. Now the curse is broken.

B. Mary Worth's inappropriate involvement in the life of an unrelated minor has finally caused Lynn to snap, longing for the good old days when she only had to put up with her father's inappropriate involvement in her life.

or C. She knows the 2008 Worthy Awards are coming up and she's really going to have to chew some scenery if she's going to beat Donna Amalfi's performance as a human vegetable for "Outstanding Performance by a Guest Artist (Female)."

So let's hear it Dear Reader. I'm sure you have a logical explanation for this reaction.

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shandyowl said...

I am still firmly behind the notion that Frank killed Lynn's boyfriend because he was distracting her from learning her freestyle routine, probably with a threat to do the same to Lynn if she doesn't secure first placing in the event that is, except for the nationals, the most important.

I am also graciously willing to forgive how badly drawn Mary is because of the loving care that has gone into rendering Frank's sourpuss expression (or as we say in my country "nippy sweetie face")

Amber said...

You know how "Lynn" used to be a man's name? That's no coincidence...Frank had his "daughter" grow out and dye "her" hair, and make some other necessary adjustments, in order to put Lynn in a sphere where (s)he'd definitely have a strength advantage over competitors. And now Mary has the evidence.

The question now is, is Lynn sobbing over the threat of being found out, or the forced loss of masculinity?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the photo is of her dearly departed mother, who just happened to have looked like a teen boy. Which raises even more awkward questions about Frank...

Allison said...

I believe that it's her ex-pair-skating partner who died in a tragic ice skating accident because Lynn didn't practice enough