Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mary Worth 377

Yes! Yes! Yes! On this clear, crisp Thanksgiving morning, I am thankful that Lynn is just as fine an actress as Toby for it has made this brilliant story truly compelling. With lightning fast reflexes developed through years of paternal abuse on the rink, Lynn snatches the mysterious photo of her steroid supplier, BALCO chief Victor Conte and skates to the center of the rink where she can weep soulfully out of the reach of Mary Worth's obsessed meddling.

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Anonymous said...

THIS is our Thanksgiving strip?! Couldn't Moy 'break the fourth wall' by having the old man draw Mary serving dinner to all of the freak-ohs in her condominium or something, returning to the drama on 'Black Friday'?!
'Thanks' for nothing, Mary!!!

Anonymous said...

And we're given a subliminal FU from the old man too.

Sarah said...

MW still creeps me out. She's pressuring a [presumably] young girl into having a private conversation... unless she's the girl's stepmom and the dad finds out about this, isn't this one of the things that parents freak out about, these days?!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Mary Worth: Stalker. Is there a restraining order in Lynn's future? How sad is it that Moy has reduced our former heroine to this sad state of affairs?

I have also come to the conclusion that poor Lynn is suffering from Progenia.

Robert said...

I'm disappointed that this story is apparently going to end up about Lynn's poor lost love and how the many hours of ice skating imposed by her ogre of a father has prevented her from being with her beloved. I only wish the picture was really that of her steroids supplier.

Farnsworth said...

I agree with Robert: it's the boyfriend Frank forbade his daughter from seeing, so he could isolate her and use relentless emotional abuse to hollow her out, strap on the bitter shell of a human she thus becomes like a unitard made out of broken girl dreams, and live vicariously through it.

It's the classic Thanksgiving story we've all come to know and love!

On that cheerful note: Happy Holidays!

Charlie said...

I think Lynn is pregnant... that's why she keeps thinking this will all be over soon.