Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mary Worth 393

As the walking dead gather around them, Mary Worth welcomes Lynn to the Dimension of Lost Regret. Lynn has the opportunity to speak with Greg one last time and make things right, but in exchange she will have to join Mary's Army of Undead Soldiers.

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Robot Nine said...

The Dimension of Lost Reagret. Been there, done that!

spike said...

Mary's about to show Lynn the way out--quite simple really! You just go to his grave, lay a red rose on it, and--Viola! The pain, regret, etc. simply vanish...at least that's how it worked for Mary after Aldo's demise.

Lighting can't strike twice...?

Anonymous said...

So unfinished, just like a Moy's writing.

Anonymous said...

Where does Mary's purse keep disappearing to? Not keeping better track of it could lead to identity theft!

The walking dead boy on the right seems to be fresh meat; there are flies buzzing around his head!