Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Message to Karen Moy

Earlier this week, I received the following message. Jad Fair was hoping I could forward it to Karen Moy, but since I don't have her email address, he gave me permission to publish it here on the blog:

In Sunday's Mary Worth, a song I co-wrote with Daniel Johnston, "Some Things Last A Long Time," was credited to him, but I'm the one that wrote the lyrics. Daniel did the music. Daniel's website credits the lyrics to me. I was glad to make into a Mary Worth strip (kind of).

Best wishes,

Jad Fair

How awesome is that?

Don't forget to vote for the Worthy Awards. Maybe we need a new category for best musical performance.


Mr. Beautiful said...

Thanks for turning me on to Mary Worth And Me. It's great. You chose a damn good strip. Did you know Mary Worth is the mother of all serial comic strips?

Anonymous said...

She's a mother something.


Toots McGee said...

Wow. Jad Fair. This is surreal. Who will be next to be pulled in to the Mary Worth orbit? Roky Erikson? Jandek? Oh, I know. Bob Log III, please let it be Bob Log III!

verification word: dangster

Anonymous said...

Mr. Beautiful, your reference to Mary Worth as a "damn good strip" has me gravely concerned. Yes, Mary is the mother of the serial comic strip and her past glory has often been praised on this blog; her present, however, is the subject of ridicule and scorn, most of it directed toward the clueless Karen Moy. But you are to be forgiven as you are apparently a new reader of Mary Worth and Me. So, welcome, catch up on some of the past postings and join the fun.

Wanders said...

Anonymous, I'm not sure what you're talking about. Scorn? Karen Moy? Maybe once she got me upset, but I started this blog to praise Karen Moy, not to bury her.

I think this comic strip is awesome. If I didn't, I wouldn't waste my time like this.

Anonymous said...

Hey Wanders.....if what we do isn't primarily mockery of one of the most poorly written comic strips in history (not to denigrade past authors' excellent work) I must be missing something. You mock the strip on a daily basis, sometimes mercilessly as was the case throughout the identity theft episode and always homorously. I won't even get into keeping it tight from the highly touted coach who was training Lynn for the regionals which are an important event except for another event or some such nonsense. Show me one post, yours or otherwise, that praises Moy's talent for a professionally written story line. Or is your sarcasm in suggesting that you're here to praise Miss Karen going over my head. I think most of us would happily line up to slap her.

Anonymous said...

Denigrate even.

Anonymous said...

Don't slap Karen Moy. We'll end up with a six week public service sermon about assault in Mary Worth, featuring absolutely no action whatsoever.

And it's the awfulness of Mary Worth that many of us love! So bad it's good! Reaching admirable levels of terrible! Charting new territory in bad plotting and worse dialog!

The power to rip your soul out forcibly through your tear ducts is no less a power if it comes from writing a comic strip. In this, Moy has found her true calling.

Birdie said...

I used to think it was a terrible comic strip, and couldn't believe anybody really read it.

Then one day my daughter made a comment about the hairstyle of one of the characters. I wanted to see what she meant so did an internet search. What I found was this site.

Now I understand the profound depths of the strip. It is not a strip for casual readers. You have to dig deep to find out what she is really saying.

Take the time to examine the background details, as they will often give a clue to the true message being cleverly conveyed for those who have the patience to hear.

So please, unless you are willing to take the time to meditate upon each daily offering, don't tell us that it is no good.

Anonymous said...

People also see Jesus in a grilled cheese sandwich...primarily because they want to.

Anonymous said...

I would just like to see Karen Moy aka Mary Worth turn her attention to more current social and relational issues such as couples involved with swinging, wife-sharing, adultery, and the like. So many couples are facing deeply inter-relational conflict due to jealousy, betrayal and the pressures of daily life. Like Funky, more comics should be turning their attention to real issues in peoples' lives.

Helene said...

Check the 5/6/11 strip. It had two boxes. In box one, Liza had a scoop neck dress. In box two, Liza had a plunging neckline and a bracelet on her left wrist. Shame on Karen Moy and Joe Giella for attempting to trick us.

Anonymous said...

It is time you have comb-over dad slap the @%& out of his worthless, snotty daughter and leave her in Italy on her own!!!