Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mary Worth Adventures #440

Hold on there, Jasper! You aren't beating me to the punch. I want to do more as well. And I want to encourage all 500 or so of our daily readers to do more too. First, here's a link to the Peace Village in Hanoi. This is serious, and I understand why Dr. Corey cares so much. I'm asking you, dear reader, to prove that we aren't all snarky cynicism around here. Visit the site, and if you are at all able... and you certainly are able to do something... click their link "How to Help." You're very savvy on the Internets, so use their Network for Good links to make a donation. I just gave $100, but even if you can only give $10, these kids, as Dr. Corey says, "Really need our help." Every dollar counts.

Just be sure to do two things: Under Designation, write: "Peace Village." And under "Dedication (of gift)" write "" Then I hope you'll use their system to send me an e-card at and let me know how much you've donated. Wouldn't it be hilarious if Mary Worth and Me raised $1,000 to help Jeff Corey's special cause? It would be as hilarious as any great heroic deed. Please support Jeff Corey's cause!


NOTE: As of March 1st, the dedicated fund that raises money for the Peace Village will stop raising money for them. The Peace Village will be independent soon, and I'll update you on how to give once they are able to accept gifts. Here are the results so far of our fund raising drive. As of today, we've raised $360 for the Hanoi Peace Village:

Tuna Casserole Level ($1-$35)


Increased Antibiotics Level ($36-$99)


Merry Meddlers Level ($100 and up)

Toots McGee

Thank you to Amber, Ian and Toots McGee! Keep the gifts coming everyone! No gift is too small. The children in the Peace Village are as real as you and me, and your gift will help bring comfort and happiness to their lives. Even something as seemingly mundane as an electric fan can make a tremendous difference.

Today's Full Strip


Anonymous said...

The service at this restaurant is the best in Santa Royale, or at least the fastest. About one minute ago, Mary was reading her menu. A mere four or five sentences later, Waiter McSnooty is bringing the plates of food, and Dr. Jeff--rude man that he is--has already begun eating before the ladies have been served. That's astounding. Either that, or this entire table has entered some sort of time warp that slows everyone's speech when they are talking to anyone else caught in the warp. Is this another example of the Dharma Initiative?


Anonymous said...

In the first panel, Doc Jeff appears to be seated next to Mary and across from Ted. In the next panel, Doc Jeff has moved next to Ted and Mary is seated across from them. In addition, Doc Jeff appears to be eating from an empty plate, not a speck of food is to be seen on it, yet he is using a fork or spoon, perhaps to show Ted how little there is to eat at Peace Village. Why do you think they changed seating positions?

BTW, there are 3! = 6 ways that these folks can be seated around a circular table. This is the ol' "circular permutations" rule. We've seen two of the six already. Note if any different ones show up in the next several days.

Johnny said...

What happend to their glasses of wine?

And maybe the table was silent, waiting in anticipation, until McSnooty brought their plates of mush. An awkward pause in MW is not uncommon, they even last days!

Vicki said...

Adrian is mortified!! This evening was supposed to be about everyone getting to know her "new guy". Yet, within the first five minutes, dear ol' Dad hits Ted up for money for his cause! Mary doesn't like it either, because it's messing up her game plan for meddling. (And she and "queenie" are fed up with all the chair switching. "Stay in your seats already!")

Waiter, please bring some more wine for Mary and Adrian!

Richard Lindberg said...

Ted has a large check he wants to give Dr. Jeff to deposit. Jeff can keep 10% of the amount "for the children" if he gives Ted the remainder. Ted can't do it himself because he doesn't have a local account due to all the travel he does.

KidToffler said...

I'm with Lindberg. This is going to be some painfully obvious scam attempt (or possibly scamola) and Dr. Jeff is going to be hopelessly duped even with Mary looking over his shoulder and clucking her disapproval. Mar's feathers haven't unruffled since she heard the words "internet + dating" together. I fear that Dr. Jeff's screen-saver stare will become a permanent fixture once Mr. Weasel Mustachio cleans out his bank account and disappears into the night.

Johnny said...

Somebody alert the Bank of Santa Royale! Someones bank account is about to be wiped clean! We may be seeing a little of Terry Bryson and her concrete briefcase very soon

Johnny said...

From my hometown paper, two articles about Miss Moy.

Ian said...

I sent the Peace Village URL to my wife and said I wanted to give them a hundred dollars. She wrote back and said it looked like a good cause and asked how I heard of it. So I'm all, "well, uh from Mary Worth". I've got some splainin' to do.

Anyway, we'll match your $100. I think it's a great idea and a good way to relieve our snarky consciences.