Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mary Worth Adventures #441

Ahhh, Ted, so modest in his philanthropy. He writes his pledge down for only Jeff Corey to see so that the women folk won't think he's some sort of braggart. I don't know what number he's written down, but I can think of three numbers that qualify as very impressive: Elventy-twelve; a gazillion; and infinity-plus-one. They are the most impressive numbers I know, and I'm certain Ted has pledged at least one of them.

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Anonymous said...


Put me down for the Tuna Casserole level - I used PayPal and was unable to mention Mary Worth's inspiration.

Moy lovers and detractors, unite! Let's get those numbers up!


Anonymous said...

Do I detect the volume of comments going down since contributions have been solicited? Mary Worth and Me? Never heard of it.

terrie said...

Doesn't anyone else find it peculiar that this Internet guy has a check WAITING for the doctor, even BEFORE the doctor hit him up for funds for Vietnam???? Very peculiar, I say.....