Monday, June 1, 2009

Mary Worth 492

While I'm saddened to hear that Lawrence isn't doing so well, I'm thrilled to see Delilah make an appearance. As many of you know, I'm a huge Delilah fan. I can't think of a better meddling duo. However, because Delilah is a radio phenom, I wonder if we'll only get to read her voice over the phone, and never really get to know her!

If Lawrence needs to up his anti-biotic regimen, Mary was the perfect person to call.

Edited to add: I really, really think that the title of the book Mary is reading is Love Mattersby Delilah herself! I've been looking at this image all day and I am convinced.

Today's Full Strip.


Chester said...

What the heck happened to Marys face! Botox gone bad? Good lordee.

Anonymous said...

Whaaaat? Lawrence isn't doing so well? Maybe $50,000 will help him out.

Magada57 said...

Well I guess we're done with the whole "Adrian getting duped" thing! Time to move on, and I can't think of a more subtle way to do it that with a Monday "help me save me" phonecall from good old Delilah. Ah yes, Delilah. It's been too long.

To be fair, I like the really sudden plot changes better than the slow-motion transitional plot changes, so I don't know why I'm complaining.

Anonymous said...

"I need your help" says Delilah. Really big mistake! Mary's demonic grin says it all.

Charlene said...

Why, why, why?

duckduckgoose said...

Who's Delilah?

Vicki said...

Mary has sure taken a liking to her pearls, lately! (She must have busted her budget to buy them, so that's why she's had to cut back on her botox) I almost didn't recognize her in panel two! Probably doesn't WANT to be recognized, either, as she is flagrantly violating the Santa Royale ordinance regarding colorful book colors.

Yay for a new plot, though! Delilah needs Mary's help!

Anonymous said...

Will this involve a plane trip and lots of coffee?

Vicki said...

I meant COVERS--colorful book covers! Sheesh, what was I thinking? Guess I'm just terribly concerned about Lawrence and all..

Anonymous said...

Who is Lawrence? He is one of Adrian's patients at Mountview, who took over her brother's patient load when he left for Peace Village. Ted Confey consumed so much of her time, she had little left for patient Lawrence, who is still in SICU, recovering from a gizzard transplant. Now for the bad news:

I have been doing a bit of research at Brockdale High going thru some of your old themes and papers. Using letter frequency analysis I have discovered that several of you are also members of the Class of '62 who are very envious of Dr. Jeff. It is time to call you out:

Vicki you were jilted by young Jeff Corey when he married Adrian's mom. His kids turned out to be medical doctors, flawed, but higher on the usefullness ladder than the children you had with duckduckgoose (DDG). DDG you fail to mention the little skirmish you had with Chester the Dog (CTG) over Vicki -- the one that got you sent up the river for a few years.

That leaves us Djangosmom who eloped with Bryce Mack (same class) right before little Django was hatched. You are not fooling us one bit with your screen name.

My guess is that you are all green with envy that one of your classmates not only graduated from Medical School, but has his life events frequently featured in a daily syndicated comic strip. Get a life.

duckduckgoose said...

Isn't Delilah is be-au-ti-ful?

I can see that she's both strong and fragile just by looking at her patio furniture. She SHOULD be with the kind of man who would choose the name Lawrence over Larry.

Why didn't she startle more or move the phone away from her ear when Mary yelled? Is she elegantly unruffled or deeply despondent?