Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mary Worth 503

Much has been said over the years about the food at the Charterstone Pool Party. But allow me if I may to share a true story...

When I was in the second grade, we went to my grandmother's house for Thanksgiving. We kids sat at a card table in the living room. Grandma fixed this classic Jell-o salad that grandmas fixed in the 70's... it was essentially the same color as the glop in that bowl at the pool party, and that's why I'm reminded of this story. Grandma's Jell-o salad was prepared in a bunt cake pan and then sliced and served on a leaf of iceberg lettuce. Well, I took one bight and immediately gagged. Quite loudly. GY-ACK. The salad was the same color I used to color skin in coloring books, and for about a year, whenever I used that color crayon, it would make me gag. I'd sit at my second grade desk, coloring away, and gagging over and over.

Funny that after all these years, looking at the pool party spread, I want to gag again.


Vicki said...

Good gracious, why is Mary holding her plate shoulder high like a waitress!? She looks silly.

And isn't Mary such a snob!? Toby already KNOWS Lawrence is a well-traveled, "World Famous" speaker. So...that can only mean Mary is trying to talk loud enough to impress that man. But he couldn't care less! He seems to be the only one truly enthusiastic about the food. Good for him!

(I gag over iced tea!! And I'm married to a Southerner, so family visits are interesting. We have to resort to sleight of hand with tea glasses so as not to offend anyone. They take their tea seriously and would never understand anyone NOT liking it!)

duckduckgoose said...

My aunt served the same pink Jello salad in a molded shape and sitting on lettuce. It was quite the "Martha Stewart" dish in its day. She actually brought two or more of them each holiday. I remember looking for the salad with the least number of suspended fruit and nut pieces in it.

The family holiday dish that made me gag ... my grandmother's creamed onions, which looked to me like eyeballs.

Chester(sick of pool parties) said...

Good Lord, Mary just can't get away from that grain alcohol in the foam cup.

And you are right, Vicki, why does Mary hold her plate of glop like a short order waitress? Will they be recreating a scene from "Alice" as the after glop entertainment? Wil Vera play Vera?

"World Famous" !!!! Ok, Mary we get it. But is he famous enough to work for Nations Geography?

Chester said...

We also see that Toby has been busy tiling around the tree. Will her own kitchen ever get done?

Debby Boone fan said...

Sundays strip: Salmon Squares? WTF? That is the grossest thing in the fish aisle at Santa Royales A&P. A new recipie, right Mary, guess you forgot to buy rice crispies and used canned salmon instead.

Delilah is gonna lose a lot of weight while staying with Mary, I bet. Maybe Kirstie Alley can stay for a month too. (no offense to KA)