Monday, June 15, 2009

Mary Worth 505

Something about today's strip reminds me of when Benjamin Franklin first sent Vera to live at Charterstone back in the 18th century. Hopefully, this plot will rise to the standards set by the the Vera/Drew/Dawn story. So far, I think there is an excellent chance.

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Tony said...

Mary says to Delilah, "and then we can catch up." Thus begins the data collection phase of Mary's involvement in Delilah's life.

Anonymous said...

Moy's Mary Worth sets standards?

Vicki said...

Hi Mary, Good to see you! What? Yes, I'm wearing pants under my miniskirt! Did my patio furniture arrive?

Toots McGee said...

Where will we go with this?

I've done one of those animated thingies to bring Mary Worth "to life". I chose Mary and Jeff's dramatic argument about Ron Amalfi and his protracted grieving. Yeah, it's not the freshest storyline, be it was one of my favorite post Aldo plots. Check it out

Chester the Dog said...

Does Delilah have one of those roling suitcases?

That patio firniiture she brought must be inflatable!

Mary needs to be more careful at home. It seems the last time she painted her livingroom walls, she painted right over the light switch plates! (not safe at all)

Robert said...

Oh dear, the strip for 6/16 has Mary anxious to get Delilah to the dinner table. She must have lots of salmon squares left over from the pool party, or she made salmon casserole or salmon hash out of the remaining 500 bricks.

Vicki said...

Delilah, what's the view like up there on that pedestal Mary's put you on? You KNOW you're going to tumble off at any moment! Will it be when you tell Mary you're not hungry for salmon bricks?

D's eyes look glazed over in panel two! Has she already liquored up, or popped a tranquilizer?

Chester (skipping dinner) said...

Quick, Mary, better reheat those last 250 salmon squares before they go bad-oh, they already did.

Poor D, having to eat Marys cooking AND suffer thru her meddling.

Salmon Squares
Green Mush
Coffee(pots of it)

Anonymous said...

From Mary's cookbook, 365 Food Brick Recipes. Enjoy brick-shaped treats every day of the year!

They ate better food on lunar missions. Soccer teams crashed in the Andes mountains have eaten better.