Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mary Worth 506

Still not sure what our favorite child prodigy is good at, but she might be an architect or a sculptor since she thinks of herself as Michelangelo without abash.

One thing's for sure, Dawn Weston must despise her!

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paul pennington said...

Wow, the Magical Moving Jewelry Box Mystery: Notice how the jewelry box seems to move while Mary is speaking.In panel 1 it is near the edge of the dresser, where just a matter of a seventeenth of a second it is farther in from the edge on the dresser. The dresser seems to have moved a bit also and is in a different allignment with the mirror.

Also Mary seems to have taken a cue on bedroom decorating colors from her buddy Frank the Skater in Lake Tranquil. Pink and grey. Or it could be the same bedroom that Mary had moved from NY to C-Stone. Vicki can check to see if Mary's books are gray.

Anonymous said...

"Ancora imparo" means "my sweater needs repair". She's bluffing, Mary! Beat the Latin out of her with a sack of salmon squares!

Mollie said...

So she's an Italian-speaking prodigy! Knowing a foreign tongue = nearly inhuman intelligence in Santa Royale. She's lucky they didn't burn her as a witch.

Chester the Dog said...

Hey! leave Marys decorating tastes to yourself. Without her shopping by mail, Blair.com would be out of business.