Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mary Worth 507

Well, it is clear that Delilah was not a cooking prodigy. But who could be, growing up in the shadow of Mary Worth.

Really though, Delilah, you just left your husband, so why is it such good fortune that your spouse validates your cooking? He's a jerk, remember?

First dish set on the table? The coffee pot!

Here's a recipe that you might enjoy.

Today's Full Strip


pamster said...

Thanks for the recipe link, Wanders. Always looking for ways to suppress my appetite, and that's the best one I've seen in a while.

paul pennington said...

Delilah is a very smart woman: "Lawrence likes everything I prepare." My old buddy, The Real Link used to say: "Being pre pared is better than being post pared."

Anonymous said...

Oh God, that recipe looks like a stomach scouring pad.

But then again, all good food stuffs come in brick shapes. ALL OF THEM.

Toots McGee said...

Do I spy a stag figurine on Mary's curio shelf? Perhaps Delilah the Prodigy will end up smashing it.

Delilah really walked right into Mary's beautifully orchestrated setup. Speaking of your husband....SPILL IT, SISTER! SING FOR YOU SUPPER (sic)!!

tuffenuf said...

How much does Mary expect that a "child prodigy" would eat??

For cryin' out loud, there have been at LEAST four mixing bowls of food set down for their little dinner /tell-all!

--Awaiting the mouth-watering salmon squares!

Vicki said...

Disgusting describes that recipe, alright. Probably loaded with bones,too. Yuck!!

When will it be revealed to us the immense talent Delilah possesses?
It would be awesome if she were a famous artist or interior decorator and could redesign and makeover Mary's apartment in exchange for the, um, "great" food.

Yep, Toots, our gal Mary just cuts to the chase, doesn't she!? She's gettin' her major meddling mojo going on now, haha. STAND BACK and watch the master!

Numbat said...

Thanks for the recipe link Wanders.

Oh, that reminds me. The cat threw up the other day.

Robert said...

Yeah, Mary moved in the for the kill as fast as she could. "Get the dirt," like Louella Parsons taught her!

Miss Emish said...

No way I had no idea that salmon squares actually EXISTED! What is most deceptive, at least in that photo, is that they look sort of like pecan bars. I can just imagine someone at a potluck snatching one up, taking a biiiig bite, thinking it's going to be a buttery toffee-pecan extravaganza, and instead they die. murder by tastebuds.

Chester (barfing) said...


Mary has gone one step further, serving them in a wok!

No wonder Toby has to retile her kitchen, that stench!

Have we ever seen a cat at Charterstone? Now I know why!

Did Mary have a former job creating foodstuff for the first Apollo Mission?

Better get to meddling, Mary, before the food gets any worse.

Debby Boone fan said...

Santa Royale News Update: Local churches have forbade Mary Worth from attending or bringing food to any future pot luck dinners.

More at

paul pennington said...

Website: Several of we Brockdaliens have tried to access Ms. Boone's website "" but to no avail. We hope to re-connect with our classmates from 1962, but now our hopes have been dashed. Ms. Boone, could you check that address to see if it is working.