Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mary Worth 530

Poor Grandpa Lawrence. When little Delilah left him, there was no one to set his medication out in the little weekly S-M-T-W-T-F-S trays, and he's been taking way too much B12 this past week.

Excellent! Time to call Charley. This story is going to be excellent. I'm so excited to see the plot start to develop.

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Tony said...

What is the Early Line on who Delilah plans to call? I suggest:

Charley, 4 to 1;
Lawrence, 6 to 1;
Mary (so that she can find her way back to Mary's townhouse), 8 to 1;
Mary's kitchen contractor, who has so quickly replaced the green countertop with a new "desert mist" one, 15 to 1.

swallace4922 said...

There apparently has been a rip in the space time continuum. How many days are we ahead now?

Sean said...

That image reminds me of how Catholic Saints (are there any other kind?) were depicted in Sunday school, with big glowing rays of gold.

Mercy, he does look like her Grampa, more Mary's speed...

Amber said...

Good point, Mary. People who are smart and good ALWAYS make the right decision.

Robert said...

I'm certain Mary's belief that Delilah's decision that will "ultimately be right" means that Delilah's going to come back and tell Mary that she's invited Adriana and Toby along for a "Sex & The City" style girls night out. Unfortunately, this doesn't mean sexy quips and pink cosmos, it means tired platitudes and freeze-dried coffee.

Robert said...

Oops ... how did that extra "a" end up in Adrian's name?

djangosmom said...

Apparently Delilah is tired of eating with Mary all the time and is walking by herself a lot.
I don't think Delilah will call Lawrence yet though because the story hasn't been going on long enough for it to be the end(even though it seems like it).
If she does call Lawrence, his new girlfriend will pick up.

pandagrandma said...

I've only been reading MW for a little over a year, but I think this is the first time I've seen the domesticated side of Mary -- washing the lunch dishes yesterday (or not), and cleaning the countertops today with Clorox Clean-Up.

You know, my thought when reading today's strip is that since several days have now gone by, why are we assuming this is the first time that Delilah makes a phone call while "out for a walk"? She could be using this "daily walk" excuse every day to have a daily tryst with Chuckie.

Vicki said...

Panel three-- Apparently Mary has decided that spraying Clorox Clean Up in her hair is a good thing! I will have to try that and get back to you all.

djangosmom said...

Good point PG. D meeting up with C. Meanwhile,Mary assumes Delilah is doing serious soul searching. heh heh.
I thought that Lawrence looked so much older today than he did at the beginning of the story. I guess his grief, regarding D's whereabouts, has aged him.

Anonymous said...

What is it with this strip and all these younger women married to creepy older men?? Toby, Delilah...oh ick!

Chester (on his daily walk) said...

Clorox Clean Up will end all problems. Mary, run over to Charleys love nest and spray a bottle or two, preferably to hose down those two horny young'uns.

I'd also suggest she use it to soak her salmon squares pan, as it must need a good cleanng by now.

I was also surprised to see that Lawrence and D have a special power. Together they can make perfect 8 inch lines of graphite spout from their heads when they are together. Move over Spiderman!

FACT: My father used to take a "daily walk" and ended up marrying the widow down the street.

FACT: I used to take a "daily walk" so shoplift TV Guides from the local store. It took 5 days to realize that the TV Guide was published weekly. I could draw "Sparky" very well by then.

I wonder how many times this "spanish proverb" ran through the MOY-o-translator? It appears, just enough times to make it have nothing to do with this story!

Debby Boone fan said...

From "

There are some areas of the house like germy spots in your kitchen and bathroom where nothing less than the power of disinfecting bleach will do. Clorox® Clean-Up® Cleaner with Bleach is a spray cleaner that you can use throughout your kitchen and bathroom to quickly and effectively clean, disinfect, and deodorize. It removes tough stains, grease, and dirt, as well as the germs you can't see, and leaves your house sparkling clean."

Basicly, it removes dull house guests as well.

Anonymous said...

I love the first two panels. Why do people make their relationships more difficult than they need to be? Yes, Mary, relationships would be so much easier if everyone just left all the thinking and decision-making to you. Why did I not see that before?

Panel 2 reminds me of one of my favorite snarky aphorisms: "Life is hard. It's even harder when you're stupid." That's clearly the simplest summation of Mary's worldview: All these stupid people just need to have a little meddling to fix up their stupid lives.