Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mary Worth 529

I couldn't decide which panel in today's strip was more exciting: Mary Worth doing the lunch dishes, or Delilah working out her major life issues. So I included both (something I rarely do out of respect for King Features Syndicate licensee the Washington Post). I'm hopeful that tomorrow's Sunday strip will be nothing but Delilah walking by herself without any thought balloons. How awesome would that be?

Just remember, life is not about finding yourself, Delilah, but creating yourself. I read that on a sign at Barnes & Noble last night.


Charlie said...

Delilah is leaving Moy/Giella and going to Lynn Johnston?

Can't say I blame her. Equally bad plots, but at least the illustrations tend to make sense. And in that one she won't have to be with Lawrence because Lawrence from that one doesn't like her...

birdie said...

If Delilah is trying to end it all, she should at least use two hands to try to strangle herself.

But it doesn't matter because Good Ol' Charlie is going to pop out from behind a tree and rescue her.

Meanwhile Mary is so busy doing the dishes from a sandwich lunch for two that she can't be there to whisk Delilah out of temptation's reach.

swallace4922 said...

Did Mary have a stroke? What's up with her eye in the first panel?

The 2 birds in the background are very telling. Jung noted that " birds represent thoughts while birds in flight symbolize moving and changing thoughts."

I'm guessing birds represent nothing in this panel.

Diving Off A Cliff said...

I think Delilah is trying not to vomit from the ridiculous amounts of food she's eaten over the last few hours.

djangosmom said...

...and 80% of life is just showing up.

duckduckgoose said...

Walking Delilah's thought bubble:

a. "When I consider the short duration of my life, swallowed up in the eternity before and after, the little space which I fill, and even can see, engulfed in the infinite immensity of spaces of which I am ignorant, and which know me not, I am frightened, and am astonished at being here rather than there; for there is no reason why here rather than there, why now rather than then."

b. "Quos amor verus tenuit, tenebit. True love will hold on to those whom it has held."

c. "Lift foot, decide where to put it based on what's on the ground, land it down on the original target. It's complicated."

Toots McGee said...

Mary's absolutely rectangular sink by Squareco.

Toots McGee said...

Oh yeah, and Toby must have slipped in while Mary and Delilah were eating and installed some scrollwork on Mary's cabinets.

Vicki said...

Ok, I am feeling a bit smug because yesterday I got a new kitchen sink and it is MUCH nicer than Mary's!
My countertops are actually parallel to the floor (unlike Mary's) so I can fill my sink right up and not have water sloshing all over!
You notice Mary has NO water in her sink. I guess she got tired of wet shoes, so she simply brushes the crumbs off and puts the plates back in the cupboard!

I think Dee is stifling a gag from thinking about more food at Mary's on those unclean dishes.

Robert said...

I think today's strip is proof that Delilah can't even think for herself.

Spatial Relations Optional said...

I can't figure out the Escher-inspired kitchen layout to save my life. Where is that cement sink located? How far does that lime-green counter extend? Where do the previously-shown windows, doors, and appliances fit in relation to one another?

Are the characters moving furniture around randomly and we just don't get to see it?

Maybe it's Stealth Decorator Toby at work/play?

I'm intrigued. Joe Giella's art offends my sense of spatial relations to no end. Yet I cannot look away, for fear that one more second of study may be all it takes to bring sense to this strip.

Can't ... look ... away ...

Chester (in Marys kitchen ceiling) said...

FACT: Mary has a web cam hidden in her kitchen ceiling smoke detector (which she removed the batteries from)

FACT: D is about to hurl salmon squares in the Charterstone garden

FACT: Mary has no water pressure in her kitchen, and will vaccum her paper plates and but them back on display in time for THE PRICE IS RIGHT.

FACT: Seafood makes Marys eye pop like a cyclops.

FACT: The Santa Royle TV cable company does not get HGTV