Friday, July 17, 2009

Mary Worth 528

Delilah Jonis: Today's Blackberry Calendar Entries

7 a.m. - Arise, fix toast & eggs. Eat breakfast with Mary Worth.
8 a.m. - Take walk with Mary.
9 a.m. - Have brunch with Mary Worth. Sandwiches.
10 a.m. - Take walk alone.
11 a.m. - Be present.
12 p.m. - Get call from Ol' Charley Smith. Lunch together.
1 p.m. - Take walk with Ol' Charley Smith.
2 p.m. - Cheese fries at bowling alley with Ol' Charley Smith. Bowl.
3 p.m. - Go for walk. Feel guilty about bowling with Ol' Charley Smith.
4 p.m. - Coffee at Mary's place.
5 p.m. - Get head together.
6 p.m. - Dinner with Mary Worth.
7 p.m. - Walk. Translate love into practical terms.
8 p.m. - Get clear with my own life. Coffee.
9 p.m. - Walk.
10 p.m. - Try to sleep. Miss Lawrence. Feel bad about bowling with Charley.

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Chester said...

Boy they inhaled those tuna sandwiches!

Robert said...

"Going to take a walk" is clearly code for "dashing to Charley's apartment." Mary must be feeling less than omnipotent to have someone so casually flout her orders!

Vicki said...

Mary's hand says "STOP!!", but her lips say "GO". She is none too happy with the situation, though. She may trail behind and hide in the bushes to spy on Delilah. Or, she may go call Lawrence and tell him to get his arse to SR asap and fetch his woman... pronto!
We never decided where Charley works or doesn't work. Is HE perhaps the Charterstone pool boy???

Chester "Going to take a walk" said...

Meanwhile, Charley is in his own barren apartment, dousing hiumself with Enghlish Leather and dusting off his Fifth Dimension 8 tracks. I hope D likes Rheingold beer.

duckduckgoose said...

This is Delilah's "Need To Be Alone" Walk. If she doesn't make every effort to be alone throughout the entire walk, she will lose my respect.
On the other hand, if she does manage to be alone during the entire walk, it could be very boring for us, and I don't really want to watch Mary clean the lunch dishes.

djangosmom said...

whether she is meaning to or not, I bet Delilah meets Charley again on her walk.

Anonymous said...

Duckgoose says "it could be very boring for us"...well, that'll be a change.

Vicki said...

Chester, you know there's got to be some Barry White somewhere in that stack of 8 tracks. Better dust that one off, too.

Anonymous said...

How about "Love Machine"? Who sang that? I think that is Charley's favorite song. lol.

Violet said...

I think Delilah's "need to be alone" is a desperate ploy to escape, as she is only 2 slices away from being force-fed an entire loaf of bread. "Wait, Delilah, I was going to make some sandwich sandwiches on toast!"

Brian said...

I was quite startled by these two entries:

4 p.m. - Coffee at Mary's place.
5 p.m. - Get head together.

Then I realized that the second meant "Get my head straight", and not an activity that Mary and Delilah were engaging in together. (..shudder...)