Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mary Worth 527

"I can't answer that right now... I need to gorge myself on more food and then purge. Then I can answer you."

Didn't Delilah already explain what she wants? She wants to be a mother and she wants Lawrence not to travel so much. How complicated is that? It only gets complicated when she goes bowling with Charley on the side.

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Chester said...

What is so complicated? If D would stop feeding her face and focus on the topic at hand...and, do you think they will be through with lunch in time for The Price Is Right?

Vicki (sandwich? no thanks) said...

In the first panel, Delilah is fiddling with her top yet again!
Is she stuffing food down there for later? It kind of looks, however, like neither one is enjoying the sandwiches very much. (I bet the salmon is beginning to turn. ewwww!)

Also, have they dragged the kitchen table and pink eyeball container out onto a patio? It's hard to tell whether they are indoors or out.

maconmemad said...

I'm telln' ya'll, that girl has a head FUL of snakes. She ain't right.

Robert said...

Yeah, why is Delilah touching herself so much? Did Mary pull up her top to keep cleavage from being exposed, and Delilah's defiantly pulling it back down?

Diving Off A Cliff said...

Aliens are writing this, I tells ya! They keep popping in and out of our space-time continuum, and they lose track of where they are in the story.

Anonymous said...

It does look like Delilah is stuffing something down her top!
That must be where she put Charley's phone number.

maconmemad said...

I think Delilah is reaching for a hidden air pump, judging by the variety of "fits" we have seen her shirt go through during this wardrobe set.
*This comment has been sanitized for Wanders family safety seal of approval!*

Chester the Dog said...

Oh, silly Vicki, of course they are outside, can't you hear in the background the voice of the poolboy as he dredges the muck and silt out of the Charterstone pool?

Vicki said...

A thought struck me-- is Mary's pleasant looking patio for "Girls Only" ? Have we EVER seen Dr. Jeff drink his Tang or coffee out there with Mary? It seems he is only allowed to sit on that nasty squash-colored sofa in her Living Room.
Perhaps the patio was included in the surprise kitchen makeover while they were out walking?