Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mary Worth 525

Delilah, no one mentioned anything about love. What I really want to know is how many refrigerators does Mary have? Because the last time I saw her refrigerator, it had a burro magnet on it. Oh, and no cabinetry around it... Maybe Toby Cameron re-did Mary's kitchen this morning while she and Delilah were taking their walk.

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Anonymous said...

I'm new to this blog and comic around the beginning of this story line, and I've gotta say... this is hilarious. Mary is pushy, nosy, and now proving herself a worrier, too. I know it might seem like Delilah spent a whole week with womanizer Charley and therefore will have feelings for him, Mary, but it was like five minutes. Chill out.

Toots McGee said...

There are no rekindled feelings of love for Charlie on my part.

I couldn't make that sound any more awkward. Well, I could try:

Rekindled feelings of love for Charlie are not part of me.

The rekindling of love for Charlie by me is nonexistent.

The part of me where once there kindled a love for Charlie remains in its post-kindled state.

While my feelings once contained love for Charlie, at the current time there exists no such rekindling of those feelings of love, for Charlie, that is.

Vicki said...

Mary and Dee ate eggs and toast, took a walk and met Charlie. (And please understand--there were NO rekindled feelings on Dee's part!) They come back home to Mary's remodeled kitchen, minus burrow magnet. Oh and a freakin' HUGE clock we've never seen before! (Does Mary have vision problems?) It's only 8:55 a.m. and they're hungry again??? I believe some people are just...not...like...us.

Vicki said...

Ooops, I meant "burro" magnet. (Or was it a rabbit? Did we ever decide?) Well, whatever it was it was the ONLY thing in Mary's apartment I've ever liked!

Chester the Seeing Eye Dog said...

Vicki, you are right on about that huge wall clock. I never realized Marys eyesight was so bad. (Maybe she really wanted to keep Chester as a seeing eye dog. It is actually good for Jeff, because no matter what restaurant he takes Mary too, Mary still thinks it's the Bum Boat. OR did the Bum Boat shut down years ago, and Jeff takes her to other restaurants but Mary's vision is so poor, she thinks she is at the Bum Boat. Waiter McSnooty must have a grand time, disguising his voice to fool Mary.

And they're eating again? It't way too early for lunch, unless Mary and D got up this morning at 4am to enjoy their eggs toast and R&H soundtrack

tuffenuf said...

We just watched them consume a huge breakfast. Now, they have come in after their short, yet exciting, walk. It is 9:00 by the actual-size Big Ben.


Again ??

tuffenuf said...

...Maybe it is 9:00 PM and Mary is making some Salmon Square Sandwiches on Toast.

Miss Emish said...

Toots, your sentences brought up some latent memories of taking the SAT. Come to think of it, all of the Worth syntax is eerily like the verbiage in a standardized test.

Chester the Dog said...

After little digging, I have found out whay we have never seen Charley Smith before..certainly adds a new twist to the story so far.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the clock seems big because we're comparing it to that tiny fridge? I've seen Styrofoam coolers with greater capacity than that thing.

Chester: It is actually good for Jeff, because no matter what restaurant he takes Mary too, Mary still thinks it's the Bum Boat.

Jeff sets a board over a barrel down at the wharf, pulls up two crates, and tells Mary it's a four-star affair. Mary's none the wiser.